A2A Transfers

A2A transfers allow members to transfer money from an account at another financial institution to OCCU without the high cost of a wire transfer fee. (This service is only $2.00 per transaction or FREE if you are making a loan payment here at OCCU.) Set-up is easy and once enrolled, members can transfer funds to any OCCU account from an account at another financial institution through It’sMe247. Come in with a cancelled check drawn on the other financial institution that the money is coming out of or going into. (Yes, you can transfer to and from other financial institutions with this new service.)

To learn more about A2A transfers, call 352-5629-7596 and ask to speak with a Member Service Representative!

The OCCU fraud department will never call requesting your full social security code, password, or CVV (3 digit code on back of card). Our fraud department will only call to verify specific transactions. Scammers can mimic their numbers to match any number. If anyone calls requesting your information we advise you to hang up. It is a phishing scam.