Other Services

Early ACH Posting

Effective July 1, 2022, OCCU Members can choose to post their ACH Deposits up to 2 days early for a Non-Refundable Fee of $10.00. No Employees can post this for the members. Members can post themselves using either It’sMe247 Online Banking or OcalaCCU App.

Cash Advance Machines

Main Office:

2675 SE 36th Avenue, Ocala (MasterCard Only)

Marion Oaks Branch:

190 Marion Oaks Blvd, Ocala (MasterCard Only)


Just dial this toll free number and follow instructions…


(Available in both English & Spanish)

    – English/Spanish
    – Balance Inquiries (Checking, Savings, & Loans)
    – Activity Inquiries (Checking, Savings, & Loans)
    – Transfer Between Sub-Accounts
    – Make Loan Payments
    – Telephone Loan Application
    – Loan Payment Calculator
    – Listen to Current Investment Rates
    – & More!
    CU*Talk - Toll Free (English & Spanish)


    IRA Accounts

    Individual Retirement Accounts are available as Traditional, ROTH, Coverdell (Education), or SEP.  Save for your retirement!  We offer IRA Savings and Certificates of Deposit to maximize the return on your investment.

    Official Credit Union Checks

    These checks are available to any member for payment remittance, based on funds availability.  A fee per check applies as found in our Schedule of Fees. Payment by Official Check allows for a paper record of your payment deducted from your account.

    Night Depository

    The Credit Union has a 24/7 night drop depository for your convenience located beside our drive-up teller window.  Deposits and payments made through the night depository are removed and processed each day beginning at 8:00 A.M.

    Notary Services

    Notary Public Service is available to any member at no charge. Each Notary is independently commissioned through the State of Florida, therefore they retain the right not to notarize anything they do not feel comfortable with such as;
    * Real Estate (Warranty Deeds) – Mary’s Bridal will do these.
    * Power of Attorneys – See your attorney.
    * Trust or Wills – See your attorney.

    Statement of Account

    To help save the environmental problem of excess paper waste, OCCU provides a consolidated monthly or quarterly E-Statement on all of your accounts.  Paper statements are available at a small per statement fee.    A separate statement is provided for MasterCard credit card accounts, we encourage E-Statements for all credit card account.

    Mobile Check Deposit/Remote Deposit Capture

    OCCU Members enjoy using our Mobile Check Deposit “OcalaCCU” App to take photos of their check(s) and deposit remotely without having to come into the office. This is another FREE service we offer our members.

    Transaction Control, Alerts, and More

    OCCU Members enjoy using OcalaCCU App to set their own alerts with their Debit Card. In addition, they use OcalaCCU App to “Manage My Cards” as they have control to instantly Lock or Unlock their Debit Card all together. Another FREE service we offer our members.

    Lockboxes (aka Safe Deposit Boxes)

    Lock boxes are available on request. They are great for keepsake items and various sizes are available.
    Main Office
    $35/year = 3×5
    $45/year = 3×10
    $55/year = 5×10
    with $100.00 Key Deposit.

    Marion Oaks Branch
    $35/year = 3×5
    $45/year = 3×10
    $50/year = 5×5
    $60/year = 10×10
    with $100.00 Key Deposit.

    Virtual StrongBox - March 2022 - Free
    OCCU Members enjoy using this FREE Online Storage Safe for their personal documents, photos, & etc. Another FREE service we offer our members. (Click on above banner to learn more)

    Click on the above “My Money” image to access the Florida “My Money” webpage.

    Finance Your Future
    Click on the above “Finance Your Future” image to access the Florida “Finance Your Future” page.

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