Press Releases

12/04/2018 OCCU & CU*SOUTH offer “Debit Card Round Up!”

07/17/2018 BeFit Financial FCU Selects CU*Northwest For Core & OCCU Partners with eDOCMobile RDC
07/17/2018 Ocala Community Credit Union thriving with eDOCMobile RDC
07/17/2018 Ocala Community Credit Union Partners With eDOC Innovations

04/16/2018 Ocala Community Credit Union Enhances Virtual Branches

01/08/2018 Ocala Community CU Announces 3 Promotions

10/26/2017 Ocala Community CU Named ‘Best of the Best’

09/17/2017 Irma Aftermath Impacting Florida CUs

09/07/2017 In Florida, Credit Unions And Members Preparing For Irma’s Arrival

05/29/2017 Ocala Community CU Member Wins Home Sweet Home Rewards Promotion

04/09/2017 Largest CU In Virgin Islands Selects CU*South

02/22/2017 Ocala Community CU Launches Dunnellon Virtual Branch

10/24/2016 Ocala Community Hosts ‘Coffee With a Cop’

07/19/2016 Ocala Community Installs New Safety Measures

07/04/2016 Ocala Community Launches Updated Membership App

07/01/2016 Ocala Community CU Expands Virtual Branch

05/22/2016 Ocala Community CU Introduces A2A Service

04/11/2016 Ocala Community CU Introduces New Virtual Branch

01/22/2016 Ocala Community CU Member Wins ‘Indulge in Rewards” Prize

10/21/2015 Ocala Community CU Rolls Out Card Control Feature

04/24/2015 Ocala Community CU Pays Tribute to Scotty Andrews

01/02/2015 Ocala Community CU Selects CU*South

Ocala Community Credit Union has been featured in many other news links, however those that require a subscription to view are not being included here.