Press Releases

11-04-2021 OCCU Helps Support Breast Cancer Month

11-02-2021 OCCU Announces Strong 3rd Quarter

10-13-2021 Ocala Community Credit Union’s Lorenzo Certified as Accredited ACH Professional

10-13-2021 OCCU Announces Mayra Lorenzo, AAP

10-15-2021 Ocala Community CU Installs New ATM

10-06-2021 OCCU Announces New 24hr Smart ATM @ Marion Oaks Branch

10-06-2021 OCCU Announces New 24hr Smart ATM @ Marion Oaks Branch

06-17-2021 OCCU Announces Promotion

06-17-2021 OCCU Announces Promotion

05-24-2021 Ocala Community Adds Contactless Cards

05-21-2021 OCCU Announces Contactless

05-19-2021 OCCU Announces Destiny Lawson – LPGA

04-28-2021 OCCU Announces Strong 1st Quarter

04-2021 Ocala Community Credit Union in Honorable Mention

04-22-2021 OCCU Announces 2 More Promotions

04-22-2021 Ocala Community CU Promotes Two People

04-22-2021 OCCU Announces Two Promotions

04-22-2021 Ocala Community CU Installs ATM at Airport

04-15-2021 OCCU adds another ATM for Community

02-11-2021 OCCU Supports Heart Walk

02-01-2021 OCCU Sponsors AHA Heart Walk through City of Ocala

01-06-2021 Ocala Community CU Mourns Passing of Sandoval

01-06-2021 Ocala Community Credit Union Mourns the Passing of Finance Director

11-23-2020 Ocala Gazette – OCCU Expands FOM To Ocklawaha

11-19-2020 Ocala Community Expands FOM

11-10-2020 OCCU Expands FOM To Ocklawaha

11/10/2020 Ocala Community Credit Union Expands FOM – Ocklawaha

08/24/2020 Ocala Community Updates It’s App With Biometrics

08/17/2020 OcalaCCU App Updated With Biometrics

07/29/2020 Ocala Community Credit Union Closes Branches Again Due To COVID-19 Pandemic

05/01/2020 Ocala Community Credit Union in Florida has donated fresh cookies to local firefighters and healthcare workers

03/24/2020 OCCU Announces 2 Promotions

03/19/2020 Coronavirus Notebook of Local Closings and Related Information

03/18/2020 More Credit Unions Introduce Emergency Loans, Announce Branch Closures

Note: All prior years removed from this website as no longer relevant.

09-22-2021: Due to COVID-19 Pandemic & Staffing Issues, we are temporarily NOT accepting any new Mortgage Applications! ...............................11-22-2021: For Consumer Loans you MUST Apply Online Until Further Notice........... 12/27/2021 Lobbies Closed for Appointment ONLY till further notice. Drive-Thru Lanes are OPEN