Debit Card

OCCU's MC Debit Card

Your Check Card (Debit Card) is linked to your Ocala Community Credit Union checking account for convenience of POS (Point of Sale) purchases and ATM usage. All purchases are deducted directly from your checking account – your savings funds cannot be used for purchases with your debit card. You have the option of using your exclusive PIN (Personal Identification Number) as a debit or as a credit transaction with your signature – anywhere the MasterCard® logo appears.

The following notice is to be in compliance with the Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act of 2006 (UIGEA)…
You are not authorized to use your OCCU debit card for illegal online or internet gambling activities or transactions. You may not use your card for any illegal transactions or in any illegal manner. Payments from unlawful gambling are prohibited.

We encourage our members to check their debit card transactions on a daily or weekly basis. Members that experience fraud have up to 10 calendar days to sign for provisional credit.

IMPORTANT: We recommend you use a Credit Card and NOT a Debit Card for hotels and car rental agencies.

Remember – if you are planning to travel out of the country or to another state(s) for a period of time and use your CheckCard, contact OCCU Member Services to let us know, and we can ensure that your foreign transactions are not blocked. OCCU has blocked Loves gas stations for the past decade due to fraud. All other gas stations will require your PIN for security purposes.

Contact Member Services at 352-629-7596-option 5, for specific details regarding specific daily monetary limits, service charges, and usage.

800.383.8000 Lost or Stolen debit cards
833.288.1126 Debit Card Dispute Resolution
800.717.4923 Reset debit card PINS
866.205.9449 Tokenization Support

OcalaCCU's App - Apple App StoreOcalaCCU's App - Google Play Store
You can Manage Your Debit Card through our OcalaCCU App. This gives you complete control of locking and unlocking your Debit Card. Also gives you complete control turning on/off Activity Alerts and MUCH, MUCH, MORE!!! (Download our App Today! – Free to download, & Free to use.)

MasterCard LogoMasterCard Identity Check – EMV® 3-D Secure 2.0 (Replaces 3DS 1.0)

Merchants may participate in this program to keep your online transactions safe – OCCU recommends they do.  Our Debit Card Vendor, SHAZAM, recently (08/08/2023) turned on a new 3D Secure processing feature, adding OTP=One Time Passcode.
Members should…
1) Ensure we have the most current Cell Phone on file, and
2) Ensure you see the MasterCard Logo on the website before shopping online.

TOKENIZATION  (Apple Pay, Google Pay, Samsung Pay, fitbit Pay, GARMIN Pay, Microsoft Pay & NETFLIX Pay)

For use with your smart phones & watches

Click/Touch on your product logo below for Instructions on…
Apple Pay

Google Pay


fitbit pay



NetFlix Logo

Debit Card Round Up
OCCU members can turn on this feature to allow the debit card transactions that post for entire day round up to nearest dollar and placed in their designated account. (Click on above image, then scroll down, for information on how this feature works.)

06-25-2021 OCCU's Contactless Debit Card - Back Side
In May 2021, OCCU replaces “myPic Studio” with new Contactless Debit Cards. OCCU Members will now enjoy these modern Contactless Debit Cards as their current cards expire or they may purchase these new cards now.

brella app

Download the Brella App in your App Store/Play Store for FREE
Here are the many benefits of using this FREE App and all (Surcharge Free) except where noted.
* Fingerprint access = a secure and faster way to log in.
* Remember Me = check box on the login page so users won’t have to type in their username every time they use Brella.
* Quick Balance = Ability to view account balances without logging into the app.
* ATM Locator = both on the login screen and within the app for easier access to this great feature.
* Keep card expiration dates current = Cardholders expiration dates will update automatically upon the activation of a reissue card.
* Balance Inquiries = will allow you to see your Available and Ledger Balances
* Alerts = Set your own Alerts via email or text
* ATM Locator = Find an ATM while traveling within the USA
* Transaction Control = instantly Block & Unblock your Debit Card
* P2P Instantly = Pay anyone instantly for $1.00 per transaction.

The Following Mobile Payment Apps are NOT endorsed by Ocala Community Credit Union and therefore we do NOT guarantee any successful payment processing. Use at your own risk, includes Fraud, Scams, and any other unauthorized payments through these Apps. Plaid Settlement

Zelle App logo
Effective November 1, 2021, this Zelle App will have a limit of $1k set by Mastercard. Update 06/2022: Zelle Fraud Lawsuits Update 10/2022: Zelle Fraud CongressionalUpdate 11/2022:Zelle Fraud CompensationUpdate 01/2023:Zelle Fraud Court RulingUpdate 03-2023:OCCU Does NOT Participate In Zelle – Use At Own Risk!Update 10-2023:Again, OCCU Does NOT Participate In Zelle – Use At Own Risk!Update 12-2023:Again, OCCU Does NOT participate in Zelle – You Must Call Them, Not Us for Fraud related to Zelle! Update 01/2024:Zelle Fraud!

Venmo App Logo
Effective November 1, 2021, this Venmo App will have a limit of $1k set by Mastercard. Update 06/2022: Venmo Fraud LawsuitsUpdate 12-2023: Venmo-Apple Lawsuit Update 01/2024:Venmo Fraud!

PayPal App Logo
Effective November 1, 2021, this PayPal App will have a limit of $1k set by Mastercard. Update 06/2022: PayPal Fraud Lawsuits Update 11/2023: PayPal New Lawsuit Update 01/2024: PayPal Fraud!

Cash App logo
Cash App is blocked due to fraud. This action was taken to protect our members money. See December 2020 details here…

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