Classic and Gold Credit Cards

(Classic: Low Fixed Rate of 10.99%)
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(Gold: Low Fixed Rate of 7.99%)
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* No annual fee
* No cash advance fee
* No return payment fee
* 24/7 Customer Service
* e-Statements Available
* No balance transfer fee
* Low Minimum Payments
* 1% of each Foreign transaction in U.S. dollars
* Online Account Management
* EMV Chip for Enhanced Security
* Fast emergency card replacement
* Online protection through MasterCard
* No ATM transaction fee (When used at one of OCCU’s ATM’s)
* No new finance charges if balance is paid in full by due date
* LOW fixed rates on both our Gold (7.99%) and Classic (10.99%) card programs
* Monthly payments can be automatically deducted from your OCCU checking account
* 25-day interest-free (Grace) period when balance is paid in full within 25 days of billing
* In addition, common carrier travel accident insurance of $250,000/$500,000 is provided at no additional cost when tickets for a common carrier, airline, trains, boat, or bus, are purchased with the Credit Union MasterCard®.

Call Credit Card Department Direct

Diane Guinn @ 352-509-3201
Vicky Karpiw @ 352-470-0889

Mastercard® ID Theft Protection™ – FREE for OCCU Members
Identity Check is Mastercard’s new and improved payment authentication program based on the payment industry specification – EMV 3-D Secure. SecureCode customers are encouraged to transition to Identity Check to take full advantage of the superior program benefits. As the transition takes place, you will progressively see Identity Check information replacing SecureCode.
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