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If you’ve been thinking of refinancing your present home or purchasing a new one, we have a mortgage program to fit your needs. 

OCCU offers a wide variety of mortgage programs such as conventional, and fixed rate.  Credit Union mortgages offer simple interest, no prepayment penalties with a variety of terms and payment schedules.  Our Loan Officers will help you select the mortgage program that will best meet your financial needs.

Automatic Transfer – Monthly Loan Payments

Members who do not currently have the convenience of payroll deduction may sign authorization forms to have their monthly loan payments transferred from their checking account.

Preauthorized Payments

If your mortgage company, insurance company, brokerage firm, online service provider, or other company or corporation participates in this program, you may authorize automatic payments to be deducted from your checking account or use our own Bill Pay service provided to you through your Online Branch – It’sMe247, and/or OcalaCCU App, if you have a checking account with us.

Principal Payments

To make a principle only payment to a mortgage you must first satisfy your entire monthly payment. Once you have satisfied the entire monthly payment you can apply anything above to principle only. These Principal Payments can be made via Teller, It’sMe247, OcalaCCU App, or A2A. – Making additional payments to principal cannot be reversed so do at your own risk.

Additional Mortgage Options

* Purchase a new home
* Conventional, Jumbo, FHA, and VA loans
* Refinancing to lower your rate on your Primary or 2nd Home
* Low down-payment options

To Apply for a Mortgage, please call into our…
* Main Office Mortgage Loan Department @ 352-509-3201
* Marion Oaks Branch Mortgage Department @ 352-470-0889.

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Call for current mortgage rates
Main Office @ 352-509-3201
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