In June 2024, OCCU updated its brochures with new interior photos and cleaned up OCCU App Logos. Click on the OCCU brochures below to view…
OCCU Brochure – Outside
OCCU Brochure – Inside

Spectrum Logo
In May 2024, Spectrum came out and replaced both the router & modem for our Marion Oaks Branch at no cost to us, existing customer.

In May 2024, OCCU added a Tutorial Page to assist our members in using our It’sMe247 Online Banking, OcalaCCU App, and more. (Click on above logo to visit this new page.)

02-29-2024 Citizen's Center Triton ARGO ATM02-29-2024 Ocala Airport Hyosung ATM

In May 2024, Due to SHAZAM sunsetting Dial Up, Ocala Community Credit Union upgraded these two ATMs from Dial Up to Broadband/Internet in coordination with SHAZAM, Ocala Fiber Network, & Absolute Financial Services. These went from taking 12-15 seconds through Dial Up to now only 1 second through Ocala Fiber Network from the time the user completes their selection and sends encrypted to SHAZAM and back asking you to remove your card. – Yes, Amazingly Fast! In addition, these will be up & running more reliably now. This project took months. Thanks goes out to Eric & Edward of Ocala Fiber Network in assisting with these updated configurations. (L-R: Ocala Citizen’s Center, Ocala International Airport)

02-29-2024 OcalaPD Hyosung ATM
In April 2024, SHAZAM Sunset Dial Up ATMs, thus OCCU pulled its ATM out of the Ocala Police Department. Timing on this was good as our ATM Agreement with Ocala PD was up and this would not have been cost effective to upgrade to broadband/internet service due to SHAZAM’s new monthly billing for such and lack of usage at that location. (Special Thanks to Steve, & Mr. Hope of OcalaPD for assisting with this removal.)

UBS Logo
In April 2024, OCCU converted our Investment Portfolio over to UBS Wealth Management USA to save on the new monthly fees our other investment firm was going to begin charging us. In addition, we discovered that UBS provides our statement online by 2nd business day of the month vs our old investment firm taking 3-4 business days to get it to us.

03-2024 OCCU's ATMs
In March 2024, OCCU worked with SHAZAM to update all our ATMs surcharge fee to $5.00/transaction. Note, this is only a surcharge for those that choose not to do their banking with us. OCCU Members continue to enjoy Surcharge Free ATM Networks locally and around the country. (We haven’t updated this non-member surcharge fee since April 2022 as show on that page.)

02-23-2024 Citizen's Center ATM - New Feature
In February 2024, OCCU turned on a new feature at our Citizen’s Center Triton ARGO ATM where now at the end of your transaction you have a choice of a receipt or not. (Hopefully, this will prevent all the trash of discarded receipts on the ground.)

ConnectWise Logo

eDOC Alert – ConnectWIse ScreenConnect Vulnerability

In February 2024, OCCU’s vendor, eDoc alerted us that there was a vulnerability with a service they use called ConnectWise ScreenConnect which was immediately patched, and no information was compromised. In addition, OCCU verified with its other vendor, Virtual Strongbox that they do NOT use this service/product so we all good here. Again, OCCU is safe & sound since 1953.

Fortiguard Logo

Urgent: Addressing FortiGuard Critical Vulnerabilities – Immediate Action Required

In February 2024, OCCU has confirmed with our Core, CU*SOUTH, and our Debit Card Servicer, SHAZAM, that we are not affected by this newly discovered vulnerability in cyber security. Again, OCCU is safe & sound since 1953.

ASG Getting Results
In January 2024, ASG Results turned on a new feature for us that will assist us in being more competitive in selling Vehicle Service Protection on our auto loans. In addition, we’ve updated our insurance page of our website reminding our members that our VSP is TRANSFERABLE. – click on above logo to learn more.

In January 2024, OCCU had its Backwater Flow Valves inspected/services to stay within government regulations on these devices.

In January 2024, OCCU updated its brochures with replacing “Whiskers” the manatee with a Horse to represent the Horse Captial of the World that we service, included more App details for potential members that like using Apps, and a few other things. Click on the OCCU brochures below to view…
OCCU Brochure – Outside
OCCU Brochure – Inside

An FIS® vendor, Citrix™, has alerted users to critical vulnerabilities

In January 2024, OCCU received the above notification from its vendor, FIS. OCCU verified with its core, and other vendors, that we are not affected by this vulnerability. FIS has already addressed this situation, so our Credit Card members are protected. Again, OCCU is safe & sound since 1953.

Bill Duncan's Air & Heating
In January 2024, OCCU had the A/C & Heat serviced with new Heat Control Panel replaced on one of the units. Ocala Community Credit Union is keeping this twelve year old equipment running like new for the comfort of our members and staff.

SecureWorks Security Advisory – Ivanti vulnerabilities (CVE-2023-46805, CVE-2024-21887) in widespread exploitation

In January 2024, OCCU received this vulnerability notification and verified with our Core, CU*SOUTH, that we are not affected by these new vulnerabilities. Again, OCCU is safe & sound since 1953.

CU SOUTH Logo Windows 11
In January 2024, OCCU converted all of its computers over from Windows10 to Windows11. This was coordinated when our core/network services, CU*SOUTH, became ready for support of such. Thanks Ron & Alex for all your assistance with this conversion. This conversion went smoothly over 01-11-2024 & finishing touches 01-12-2024.

In January 2024, OCCU converted over to a new telephone/fax vendor as a cost saving measure using the same system (VOIP) our prior vendor used. We began researching this new vendor back in August 2023 and after doing all our Due Diligence, we converted 01-05-2024. The switching over was seamless and we had a notification on top of our website informing our members of this up-coming conversion and provided our other service, 844.785.2171 CUTalk – English/Spanish, as a backup for our members.

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Important: As notified in your eblast, statements, & newsletter, Our Loan Department will be on hold June 19th - July 5th, 2024. Please Plan Accordingly! For Credit Card Issues - Call phone numbers list below on this front page.