OCCU-Updates 2021

Champion Pest Management, Inc
In December 2021, OCCU had it’s Termite Treatment where Champion Pest Management, Inc came by and drilled through dirt, asphalt, and cement to ensure we continue to be clear of any termites. (Never any termites since construction in 2012.) – Excellent Service!

Roam Electric
In December 2021, OCCU utilized our reliable local electrician to continue replacing burned out Canescent & Florescent Bulbs with new LED Bulbs. Yes, these LED bulbs cost more up front, but will save on our electric bill over time. (Example, we’ve been doing this over time and our electric bill has gone from $1,200/mo. to $900/mo. to now $700/mo.) – LED is Environmental Friendly and Economical. This is also how we’ve keep a positive bottom line compared to our peers.

eZCard - Multifactor Update
In December 2021, OCCU informed members of eZCard now using Multifactor Verification. This is an added layer of security for our members once they have notified the Credit Union of their most current phone number.

12-16-2021 Dell Laptop for Lobby TV
In December 2021, OCCU replaced it’s outdated WindowsXP Laptop for PowerPoint presentations on lobby TV with newer Windows10 Laptop for Website presentations on lobby TV. (This will save time on having to create/update PowerPoint presentations as we already have same information on front page of our website.)

Seibold Security Logo
In December 2021, OCCU upgraded it’s outdated Vertex Alarm system to our new Alarm System thanks to Seibold Security of Florida. We now have one of the most advanced alarm systems with the most reliable vendor.

OCCU’s New Brochures – Outside
OCCU’s New Brochures – Inside
In November 2021, OCCU updated it’s brochures to show our respect and honor to our FireFighters. In additon, to show our new Smart ATM at our Marion Oaks Branch.

OcalaCCU's App - Apple App StoreOcalaCCU's App - Google Play Store
In November 2021, OCCU released it’s newest OcalaCCU App Apple v5.9.167, & Android v4.3.5. – launching of this update was delayed due to waiting for “JUMP” feature to pass testing. This new update includes…
* New Look to align with our It’sMe247 Online Banking update released back in September 2021
* Added Cancel Check Payments so members no longer have to come in to place Stop Payment on Checks
App History…
* October 2020 = OCCU/eDoc Innovations Apple v5.9.119 & Android v4.1 (Updated RDC to deposit
directly to your loan and/or deposit into any sub-account)
* August 2020 = OCCU/eDoc Innovations version 3.7.6 (Upgraded App version with Biometrics)
* February 2020 = OCCU/eDoc Innovations version 3.7.3 (Upgraded App version for new look & features)
* July 2019 = OCCU/eDoc Innovations v3.6.10 (Upgraded App version for service improvements)
* July 2018 = OCCU/eDOC Innovations v3.0.2 (Upgraded to new and improved vendor-includes RDC)
* October 2017 = OCCU/Malauzai v7.0 (Upgraded App version for service improvements)
* December 2013 = OCCU/Malauzai beta 3.0 (Upgraded to new and improved vendor-includes RDC)
* December 2012 = Vantiv’s Jeannie App. (First App Introduced to OCCU Members-includes RDC)

10-05-2021 Marion Oaks Smart ATM210-06-2021 Marion Oaks New Smart ATM - Night View110-06-2021 Marion Oaks New Smart ATM - Night View2
In October 2021, OCCU added a new Smart ATM for the Marion Oaks Branch. This replaced the outdated walk-up NCR ATM inside the lobby. This gives Marion Oaks Community with 24hrs drive-thru access, option to select language “English” or “Spanish”, push buttons to lift touchscreen to the auto level as “Car Level”, “SUV Level”, & “Truck Level”, members can now make deposits cash and/or checks, and have the image of their checks appear on their receipt truncated for security of our members. (Click on above ATM image to watch video of same model Smart ATM at our main office)

CU*AnswersCU South Logo
In September 2021, OCCU went LIVE with new page formatting of “It’sMe247” online banking for it’s members. This is now more specific to OCCU as before it was more generic based on our vendor(s) who support over a thousand credit unions combined. (Thanks goes out to the OCCU Staff that worked on this project w/CU*South & CU*Answers.)

Seibold Security Logo
In September 2021, SIEBOLD SECURITY won the bidding and replaced our old Verint VR200 hardware with new Verint VR300-NVR along with updating our software to newest version for Vid-Center. – This was another software update to the update we did back in August 2020.

Central Florida PHones & Internet
In August 2021, CFPI updated our Fax Gateway at our Main Office at no cost to the credit union. Thank you, again, CFPI!


Old Brochure – Outside
Old Brochure – Inside

New Brochure – Outside
New Brochure – Inside
In August 2021, OCCU changed printing services and the NEW Brochures above were the design of Classic PrintUSA. (Thank you, Classic PrintUSA)

CU*Talk - Toll Free (English & Spanish)
In July 2021, OCCU’s Core Services Vendor took CU*Talk offline for a few days to enhance security for our members. The following notification update was placed on top of our website to assist members in getting back into CU*Talk when it came back online… “the CU*Talk system is back online. Members will need to log in using the temporary PIN of the last 4 of their social security number, and then they will immediately be prompted to change this to a permanent PIN.”

06-25-2021 OCCU's Contactless Debit Card - Back Side
In July 2021, The above banner was posted on our front page of website between 06-25-2021 – 07-14-2021 as a reminder to our members that they will be receiving their new CONTACTLESS Debit Cards as their current ones expire. (This is an updated banner to the one shown below in May 2021)

CU South Logo
In June 2021, CU*South did the following upgrades for our locations…
* Ocala Community CU – Main/HA – Firmware Upgrade | SonicOS | sw_tz-500__eng_6.5.4.8-89n
* Ocala Community CU Marion Oaks Pri/HA – Firmware Upgrade | SonicOS | sw_tz-600__eng_6.5.4.8-89n
Thank you CU*South!

Central Florida PHones & Internet
In May 2021, CFPI updated our Fax Gateway at our Marion Oaks Branch at no cost to the credit union. Thank you, CFPI!

04-30-2021 COVID-19 UPDATE
In May 2021, OCCU had the above banner on our website keeping our members updated on the COVID-19 Pandemic here in Marion County, FL while we have re-opened our lobbies w/no mask requirements as most have been vaccinated by now.

In May 2021, OCCU is now offering EMV Contactless & Recycled Plastic Debit Cards for our members. Unfortunately we lose the “MyPic Studios” option for our members. For more information on the recycled plastic, click on cpi card group Logo above. (This project began in 2019 working with SHAZAM & CPI.) *Update: Unfortunately, the Recycled Plastic Cards cost skyrocketed, thus we only updated to Contactless at this time.
* June 2020, Upgraded Debit Card “myPic Studios” from Java to HTML5. (Through SHAZAM)
* October 2017, Upgraded Debit Card from Magnetic Strip to EMV (Through SHAZAM & Personix)
* November 2015, Ocala Community Credit Union introduced “myPic Studios” (Through SHAZAM & Personix)

FIS SecureLock Intelligence
In May 2021, After months of obtaining bids and working with various vendors, OCCU renewed with FIS for our Credit Card Portfolio as they lowered our cost and offered new services for early renewal. This strategic move will benefit both our members and our employees.

04-01-2021 COVID-19 Pandemic
In April 2021, OCCU had the above banner on our website to remind members as to why our lobbies are still for appointments only due to continued hospitalizations & deaths due to COVID-19.

04-15-2021 Ocala International Airport ATM
In April 2021, OCCU placed a new ATM in the Ocala International Airport to provide members access to their money as they charter flights in and out of Ocala, FL. Also, available to all those car rentals at this Ocala International Airport.

In April 2021, OCCU had the two above banners on the front page of our website informing members changes made in their benefit.
It’s OCCU wherever you go!

Shared Secured Loan - Stimulus3rd Round of Stimulus Checks
In March 2021, OCCU had the above banners up on our front page to inform our members of their options on how to handle their 3rd round of stimulus and how to check if it has come in.

03-24-2021 New Mircophones w Speakers
In March 2021, OCCU replaced two old drive-thru microphones w/speakers with new ones so now our employees can hear our members in the drive-thru lanes. In addition, we replaced the button in the 2nd lane so members can call in. (OCCU is keeping our equipment new for the benefit of both our members and staff) – Thanks Premier Security Services, Inc for installing this new/updated equipment.

In March 2021, OCCU had the above banner on the front page of our website informing our members that we were NOT affected by the Microsoft Breach. Ocala Community Credit Union remains one of the most safe and sound credit unions in Marion County, FL.

In March 2021, OCCU had the above banner on the front page of our website showing our members why it is critical for our lobbies to remain appointment only due to this COVID-19 Pandemic that has not gone away here in Marion County, FL.

Google Pay2021 Google Pay
In March 2021, OCCU updated it’s website to reflect to our members where Google Pay changed it’s logo, app, terms & agreements whereas now they charge the receiver a 1.5% fee when using Google Pay for P2P. View our P2P Page for update… P2P

Absolute Financial Equipment logoSHAZAM Logo
02-17-2021 Screenshot02-17-2021 Screenshot of new function

In February 2021, OCCU updated it’s Smart ATM software @ the Main Office location to be within deposit compliance. The new screens are amazingly simple and the functionality works much better. Members now have a choice on how they want their bills, 10’s, or 20’s, or combination of both. (Click on either Screenshots Above to see short video) Thank you Absolute Financial Equipment & SHAZAM for making this possible.

In February 2021, OCCU updated and moved around computers to enhance the performance of it’s staff. (Former Finance Director’s Windows 10 Laptop updated and swapped out at Marion Oaks Branch Manager’s Desk, then Branch Manager’s Windows 10 Mini-Desktop updated and swapped out at Main Office Training Room.)

04-13-2020 Stimulus Checks From U.S. Treasury
In January 2021, OCCU had the above banner on its front page of website, again, reminding members how they should treat their 2nd round of Stimulus Checks from the US Treasury.

New LED tube lights
In January 2021, OCCU replaced additional florescent bulbs with LED to provide better lighting inside the Board Room and these should provide a longer life span. In addition, these should reduce our electric bill, thus paying for themselves over time. (This also eliminated the noise from older light system)

CU South Logo
In January 2021, OCCU changes NADA pull provider from LSCU’s Leverage to CU*South, our core processor. This is after JD Power took over NADA and forced everyone to raise their cost associated with such NADA valuation pulls. This move from Leverage to CU*South is a cost effective move from January 1, 2021 forward. In addition, this gives us integration into our Core Software making this more effective for our members and employees. (Note: Only Autos are available, however we still are awaiting Marine, Motorcycle, & RV configurations)

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