Beard Irrigation Services
In May 2023, OCCU relied on Beard Irrigation Services to repair two drip lines that water our bushes out in front of the parking spaces. Beard Irrigation Services did honest repair work for us in January 2022 as listed. (Click on their above logo to visit their website.)

05-18-2023 Main Office New Refrigerator
In May 2023, OCCU replaced its Main Office refrigerator with this new Whirlpool model that has great reviews. Employees were making do with a refrigerator that had a freezer section not working for past few years after many repairs. (Old Refrigerator, not shown, is from when we opened this new location in 2012.)

03-16-2023 Notice To Members - Banner
In May 2023, OCCU removed the above banner from our front page of our website as it was there since 03-16-2023 thru 05-08-2023, giving our business account members plenty of advance notice. In addition, this was noted on their March e-statements, in April e-blast, and on lobby monitor same period as above.

NCC - LogoCU South New Logo - 2023
In April 2023, OCCU worked with its Core Processor (CU*South) and our new vendor, National Credit Center (NCC) to integrate pulling Credit Reports. We began this project back in January for two purposes; 1) Convert from Equifax to NCC to save money, and 2) to convert from FICO v9 to FICO v10, however FICO v10 will not work with our Core’s vendor, Sync1, at this time.

03-14-2023 OCCU is Safe & Sound
In March 2023, OCCU had the above banner on the front of our website keeping our members and potential members informed of our Safe & Soundness during the current Banking Crisis. In addition, we had the following Radio Announcement on local 104.7 Classic Hits for our community re-assurance.

03-15-2023 Forta GoAnywhere Zero-Day
In March 2023, OCCU had the above banner posted on the front page of our website ensuring our members we are safe from this Cyber Security Threat. (Update From our core, CU*South: 03-23-2023: CU*BASE Alert: GoAnywhere Administrative Portal Vendor Vulnerability Update by Cody Smith On February 2nd, 2023, GoAnywhere disclosed a vulnerability to their administrative portal that allows the creation of new user accounts via code injection. CU*Answers uses GoAnywhere – however, our deployment doesn’t allow public access to this portal. Additionally, Network Services applied vendor recommended mitigations shortly after the vulnerability was disclosed. We are evaluating vendor patch performance and will update this alert as events warrant.)

New Backflow w/new PipesNew Backflow Cover
In March 2023, OCCU replaced its backflow pipes through Johnson Brother’s Plumbing and our backflow valves through American Fire & Sprinklers. With this new protective cover, it will last for decades now.

eDOC Innovations Logo
February 2023 Release Is Here!
Our newest versions of eDOCSignature, our new iDOCVault, and much more will be released on February 21, 2023.

In February 2023, OCCU ended our decades long relationship with our cleaning company for various reason. This is also a cost saving move as employees are now cleaning the offices.

02-17-2023 Removed - Return Item Fee
In February 2023, OCCU’s Board agreed to remove this “Return Item Fee” for individuals/consumers. The above banner was placed on the front of our website and in addition, an e-Blast was sent out to members keeping them informed.

In February 2023, OCCU corrected it’s Social Media Icons to make them uniform on our front page of our website, while at the same time keeping them large enough for our senior members to view. Thank you, Alex, w/CU*South in assisting with this. (Access our Social Media w/the icons on our home page, not here.)

02-04-2023 New Shower Head - WaterPik - For Employees
In February 2023, OCCU’s President/CEO finally installed the new Showerhead he purchased after last hurricane. This new WaterPik PowerPulse Therapeutic Strength Massage (Up to 2x Massage Force) w/6 different spray options allows us to clean the entire shower down whereas the old showerhead was fixed and didn’t spray all walls while cleaning.

In January 2023, Ocala Community Credit Union adopted the credit loss accounting standard (model) Current Expected Credit Losses (CECL) that was issued by the Financial Accounting Standards Board (FASB) on June 16, 2016. This European Model, CECL, replaces the current Allowance for Loan and Lease Losses (ALLL) accounting standard (model) used in the United States for decades. We began running the CECL model alongside the ALLL model in 2022 to prepare for converting over in January 2023. Adopting the CECL model required us to fund the Allowance for Loan Loss account over $142k in January 2023. (This is in addition to Credit Unions having to fund the NCUA Insurance Fund.)

e-OSCAR 4.0 Sandbox
In January 2023, e-OSCAR was upgraded to “stage e-OSCAR 4.0 Sandbox”, which is much user friendly for Ocala Community Credit Union staff. e-OSCAR is where OCCU responds to credit report disputes.

In January 2023, OCCU worked with its ATM/Debit Card Vendor to increase both the ATM Daily Withdrawal Limit from $500.00 to $1,000.00 and increase Point of Sale (POS) Limit from $1,100.00 to $2,500.00 for the convenience of our members. Ocala Community Credit Union continues to improve and increase services while maintaining a Safe & Sound Financial Institution for our membership. (This is an additional update to the update we did back in April 2021 as listed below.) It’s OCCU wherever you go!

CU South New Logo - 2023
In January 2023, OCCU’s Core Provider updated transaction history for our members and employees as listed here…
As of January 17th, we have implemented an enhancement to the display of transaction history in It’s Me 247 online banking. Transaction history in online banking will now display the last 4 digits of a card number and the Merchant Category Code (MCC) Group. This enhancement applies to ATM/debit card activity.

CorporateAmerica CUeDOC Innovations Logo
In January 2023, Ocala Community Credit Union worked with our Corporate America and eDOC INNOVATIONS to convert our Mobile Check Deposit (Behind the Scenes) over from CorporateOne since all our other services are with CorporateAmerica. Members were notified of this change in advance on the top notification bar of our website.

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