OCCU-Updates 2019

Cash Back @ USPS
In December 2019, OCCU added USPS to it’s “FIND AN ATM & CASH BACK” Menu as OCCU Members can now receive up to $50.00 CASH BACK when making a purchase at USPS Surcharge FREE. (In 2022, we removed CASH BACK list of locations from our menu as almost every business if offering this now.)

New Drive Thru Hours effective Dec 6th
In December 2019, OCCU began its new Drive Thru Hours as advertised in windows as far back as October, 2019. The only change is on Friday Nights. We changed from closing at 6:pm to now 5:pm to align with all business days of the week. This is for the safety & security of both our members and staff as it is dark at 6:pm ET. OCCU Members have access to our Smart ATM for Depositing their Checks or Cash 24/7 located in our Main Office Drive Thru. Yes, members can receive a copy of their checks on their ATM receipt if they select this option at time of deposit.

vmware LogoCU*Answers
In November 2019, OCCU renewed our agreement w/VMware through CU*Answers for 3yrs as we locked in our rate and received a discounted rate at this same time. This is OCCU working behind the scenes to ensure we get the best available service for our members money. (VMware SnS, and VMware ESXi support and run our servers).

MasterCard Logo
In November 2019, OCCU Members are one of the first to activate their Mastercard® ID Theft Protection™ for their Credit Cards as this is replacing the EMV-3D Secured service previously provided by Mastercard. This is another FREE Service for OCCU Credit Card Members. More information can be found here…
Mastercard® ID Theft Protection™

10-28-2019 Lobby Walk-Up Stations
In October 2019, OCCU’s Board of Directors agreed with managements recommendation to remove the outdated, no longer supported, Windows 7-Pro computers, monitors, and printers to provide room for members to bring in their own smart devices and check books. Yes, members may still connect to our public and secured wi-fi to access their It’sMe247 online services using their own devices. Yes, our staff is still here to assist you with your online questions. OCCU is keeping up with the changing times we live in.

In October 2019, OCCU updated its website to include a new feature “CASH BACK” and placed links to those Surcharge FREE locations around Marion County for the convenience of our members. Members may now find these links under “FIND AN ATM & CASH BACK” on our website. In addition, OCCU worked with CU*Answers to have our APP updated to include such links within our OcalaCCU APP. (Yes, many other places within our Field of Membership offer CASH BACK, but with a Surcharge Fee aka “Convenience Fee”.)
(In 2022, we removed CASH BACK list of locations from our online menu, however left within the App, as almost every business if offering this now.)

ATM Updated to Windows10
In October 2019, OCCU, Absolute Financial Services, Inc, and SHAZAM worked together to update our Main Office Drive Thru ATM to Windows 10, AP version for added security. (This project took two months to complete.) Thanks Absolute Financial Services!

Premier Security Services Inc
In October 2019, Premier Securities Services Inc installed updated software for enhanced security. Vid-Center was updated to v6.0.6.28860 and Verex Director was updated from version to version (This improved both security & operational performance.)

Presto! ATM's
In October 2019, Presto! changed their website link to include more up-to-date ATM’s around the country. OCCU used this new link in our menu option “Find An ATM”, which links to the Publix Stores. In addition, we added this to Helpful Links in “It’sMe247” online banking, and updated link in our OCCU Mobile App under “More”, then “Assist”, then “FIND AN ATM”, Presto! ATM’s 24/7. (Yes, members have three locations/tools to find an ATM.)

Central Florida Phones & Internet
In October 2019, CFPI updated our 3CX Phone Server from old version 15.5 to current version 16.0. (Yes, this is an operations enhancement to the improvements made in May 2018.)

In October 2019, CU*Answers updated our Antivirus & Antispam from Symantec Endpoint Protection to Trend Micro Security Agent for better control protecting OCCU’s network and computers. (This project was scheduled to begin/complete after the computer hardware updates were completed last week as noted below.)

MainStreet Checks
In October 2019, Main Street will adjust quantities on Standard packages to 90 and Super packages to 150 effective October 1st, 2019. (This change in check quantities was done courtesy of Main Street.)

CU*South (OCCU's Core Processor)Compuflex Corp's Logo
In September 2019, CU*South updated our computer hardware from old 2015 Windows 7-Pro to 2019 Windows 10-Pro w/SSD for faster performance. Updated old 2013 Office to new Office 365. In addition, Compuflex Corporation updated our “Branch Assist” TCR Software to latest version 1.53 for smoother performance on these older 2012 TCR’s. (In November 2019, OCCU utilized Secure On-Site Shredding to destroy these 17 old hard-drives.)

Ocala Fiber Network
In September 2019, Ocala Fiber Network upgraded its hardware (Media Converter) here at OCCU to add to the security of our fiber network coming into this credit union.

In September 2019, Ocala Fire Rescue & OCCU had their shared road paved. Thanks goes out to C.W. Roberts & Mid Florida Paving & Seal Coating that worked together in completing this job in just two days from start to finish.

New Ocala PD SignOcala PD Authorization to remove Trespassers
In September 2019, OCCU and Ocala PD agreed to new signage to further protect the members and employees of Ocala Community Credit Union. These are within Florida Statues as noted on signs. (Left: bottom sign on post, Right: close up sign on building) Thank you, Ocala PD & D2 Fabrication, Inc.!

CorporateAmerica CU
In August 2019, OCCU and CorporateAmerica Credit Union worked together to obtain a better Armored Car Service. (This project took 6 months to complete.)

Screenshot SHAZAM BOLT$
In August 2019, SHAZAM Bolt$ App was updated to version 5.5, to include “Manage Travel Notices” so OCCU members can save time & money by using this app to set their future travel dates so their OCCU Debit Card will work to their travel destinations. No longer does a member have to call in or come in to inform us of their up coming travel. This control is now in the hands of our members. (See screenshot above) Please update this SHAZAM Bolt$ App in your Apple or Play Stores. In addition, App to include biometrics so our members have options to use Facial Recognition, Fingerprint, or Retinal Scan.

2019-08-14 OCCU's Marion Oaks Branch-Street Sign-croppedOCCU's new hanging sign @ Marion Oaks Branch OCCU's new door sign w/hours @ Marion Oaks Branch
In August 2019, OCCU’s Marion Oaks Branch added sign to Plaza Marquee to assist members and potential members in finding our newest location. In addition, we added a new hanging sign so folks shopping in this plaza can find OCCU, and added signage and larger hours on our doors and drive-thru. Thank you D2 Fabrications, Inc.

In July 2019, OCCU outsourced it’s Debit Card Fraud to the SHAZAM Experts who handle our ATM & Debit Card Network. We’ve added the new phone number & email address to our Front Page of this website. This frees up our staff to assist members that come in or call in. (This project took three months to complete.)

Replaced Signage @ M.O.Replaced Signage @ M.O.2Replaced Signage @ M.O.3
In July 2019, OCCU replaced three faded out signs on Main Office Building. This project took exactly (1) one year to complete. First sign company kept making promises, and never delivered, Second sign company was honest w/being 10 weeks out, then when they were down to 3 weeks out, they asked if we could find another company as they were slammed with both Duke Energy & the City of Ocala signs. Third Sign Company… We found D2 Fabrications out of Oxford, FL that were able to complete this task in a short 2-3 weeks from start to finish. Thank you D2 Fabrications, Inc.

07-2019 Card Activity Alert 07-2019 e-Statements in App.
In July 2019, OCCU enhanced its OcalaCCU App with two new features Surcharge FREE for our members. First, we added Card Activity Alert as seen above left. This allows our members to turn on or off their Card Activity with the “Manage My Cards” section of this app. Members can set any amount limit they wish to be alerted when the card is used for any reason. Second, we added eStatements so members can see their current e-Statement and previous e-Statements dating back over a year or more. See above right. Both of these features were already in our online banking, and now added to our OcalaCCU Mobile App v3.6.10 (This project took just over a month to complete.)

Yealink Phone System
In July 2019, OCCU replaced its outdated VOIP esi phone system with new VOIP Yealink phones (as shown above) at its main office. This is now in line with the new phone system that we installed in the Marion Oaks Branch back in October, 2018. This gives us capabilities to transfer phone calls between branches. In addition, we added our very first phone tree/menu, where members now have a choice to go directly to the credit union features/departments they wish to utilize/speak to.

Mobile Check Deposit - 3 Bus Day Hold
In June 2019, OCCU added the 3-Business Day Hold Notification for our members using the Mobile App for Mobile Check Deposit. OCCU already had this “Any RDC Deposits may result in Check Holds.” Notification on this page of it’s website… https://www.ocalacommunitycu.com/mobile-deposit-app/

In June 2019, OCCU added this QR Code on it’s website here… https://www.ocalacommunitycu.com/consumer-loans-2/ and on all Social Media outlets so our communities we serve can use this modern feature to apply for the loans.

05-21-2019 New LED Flood Lamp 05-17-2019 OCCU updated it's FLAG Light to LED Flood Light
In May 2019, OCCU updated it’s older flood lamp for shining on Flag to a newer LED Flood Light to conserve energy and cost. Just in time for Memorial Day.

In May 2019, Wawa opened it’s doors in Ocala, Florida. Wawa has PNC Bank ATM’s installed using the services of MasterCard, thus giving all OCCU Members Surcharge Free ATM’s when using their M/C Debit Cards. Wawa’s can be found and expanding in seven states with already opening over 100 locations in Florida alone. (This is in addition to all the ATM Terminals on OCCU’s Network, Presto! Network, and SHAZAM Network.)

In May 2019, OCCU in cooperation with CU*South, CU*Answers, and eDoc Innovations, added a new/faster option for our members to sign/close consumer loans via electronic signatures. Members may now use mobile devices, tablets, pc’s, and/or laptops to receive and send these documents. (This project took just under 4 months to complete.)

OCCU's Mobile App
In April 2019, OCCU in cooperation with CU*South, CU*Answers, & eDoc Innovations, updated it’s Mobile App to include the feature Instantly “Locking & Unlocking” one’s Debit Card. This new feature is FREE of charge to use for OCCU Members. Yes, this is similar to the “Transaction Control” we began offering to our members through the SHAZAM Bolt$ App back in October, 2015. (This project took 3 months to complete after a delayed start on our part last Fall.)

2019 OCCU Checks
In April 2019, OCCU and Main Street worked together to enhance our basic checks to include OCCU’s color logo and background design. (This project took 3 months to complete.)

CU*SouthCorporateAmerica CU
In March 2019, OCCU upgraded both it’s Check Scanner and Check Scanner PC to improve the quality and efficiency of scanning and transmitting these members checks to CorporateAmerica Credit Union. This was in cooperation of both CU*SOUTH and CorporateAmerica Credit Union.

03-2019 New Blue Plastic Covers03-2019 New Blue Plastic Covers
In March 2019, OCCU installed new Blue Plastic Sleeves over our Steel/Concrete post as to preserve these post. These sleeves blend in with the OCCU color scheme within our logo. (These posts were originally installed in July 2016.) In addition, OCCU repaired the fastened down mats at the end of the sidewalks for the safety of our members.

SunSolutions Insurance Agency06-12-2019 Marion Oaks Branch - Window Signs
06-12-2019 Marion Oaks Branch - Window Signs3
In February 2019, OCCU welcomes its new tenant SunSolutions Insurance Agency, LLC to our Marion Oaks Branch. SunSolutions offers a wide variety of insurance products at compatible rates. See window signage in far right of this photo.

In February 2019, OCCU worked with CU*South, and Equifax to enhance our Credit Reports so they include updated Military Lending Act “MLA” Active Duty Status for our Loan Officers. This is in addition to the Military Website our Loan Officers check to verify the status as well. (This project took 3 weeks to complete and OCCU is absorbing the additional cost to turn on this feature.)

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