OCCU-Updates 2021

04-13-2020 Stimulus Checks From U.S. Treasury
In January 2021, OCCU had the above banner on its front page of website, again, reminding members how they should treat their 2nd round of Stimulus Checks from the US Treasury.

New LED tube lights
In January 2021, OCCU replaced additional florescent bulbs with LED to provide better lighting inside the Board Room and these should provide a longer life span. In addition, these should reduce our electric bill, thus paying for themselves over time. (This also eliminated the noise from older light system)

Effective Monday, July 20th Ocala Community Credit Union Branches are transitioning to appointments only. Branch Drive-Thru Lanes will remain open at this time. Call either location to make an appointment for; New Members, Loan Closings, Lockbox access and/or Coin Machine Use.