DRIVE-THRU LANES OPEN - Click To Watch Video
In June 2020, OCCU re-opened our lobbies limiting to 4 members in lobby at any given time. Lobbies were closed on 03/19/2020 and Our Drive-Thru Lanes remained opening throughout COVID-19 Pandemic – Providing Full Service to our Members. (See March & April below for prior notifications related to COVID-19 Pandemic)

New LED tube lights
In May 2020, OCCU replaced some florescent bulbs with LED to provide better lighting inside the main office and these should provide a longer life span. In addition, these should reduce our electric bill, thus paying for themselves over time.

In May 2020, SHAZAM updated it’s SHAZAM BOLT$ App to brella with same features. The name was changed as part of the necessary evolution of the application and rebranding to remove SHAZAM’s name as to support all SHAZAM’S bank and credit union clients using this modern app.

APC logo
In April 2020, OCCU invested in a new SMT2200 APC Battery Backup for our IT Room at our main office. This replaced our old/outdated APC 2200 Battery Backup that was hard to find enough replacement batteries to keep it running.

Jack Henery & Associates IncCU*South (OCCU's Core Processor)CU*Answers
In April 2020, OCCU worked with the above vendors to update our BillPay/iPay service for our members. Members are finding this new look w/many additional features pleasing in their It’sMe247 online banking. (Too many new features to mention.)

04-13-2020 Stimulus Checks From U.S. Treasury
In April 2020, OCCU Members began receiving their Stimulus Checks from the U.S. Treasury, and we provided our members this guidance as a reminder of purpose of these Stimulus Checks during this COIVD-19 Pandemic.

covid-19 virus
In April 2020, Florida Governor DeSantis issued “Stay-At-Home” orders, which OCCU had planned for and placed staff on shifts with Full Pay and Benefits as they are “On-Call” on days scheduled off. (See more actions OCCU has taken on this Pandemic below in March)

SunSolutions Insurance Agency - Terminated Contract
In March 2020, OCCU honored SunSolutions Insurance Agency’s request to terminate Sub-Lease due to COVID-19 restricting access to Marion Oaks Branch lobby.

CU*AnswersCU*South (OCCU's Core Processor)
In March 2020, Ocala Community Credit Union worked with both CU*Answers & CU*South to turn on a new feature within the core database, CU*Base-Gold Edition. This allows our staff to now view cleared checks within the core system like our members can view already within It’sMe247 and OcalaCCU App. (A special thanks to Calhoun-Liberty CU for paying the initial set up fee to make this available to all joint CU*South/Corporate America clients.)

COVID-19 CoronavirusCOVID-19 Skip-A-Payment w Fees Waived
In March 2020, Ocala Community Credit Union put most projects on hold as we are dealing with the COVID-19 Coronavirus Pandemic. We implemented our Business Continuity/Disaster Recovery Plan with first announcing to our members how they can sign up for electronic services and gave them time to do so. In addition, we wiped down & sprayed all areas of Credit Union (Both Locations) to disinfect while we were still in Phase I of this plan. Approximately a week and a half later we began shutting down our lobbies and allowed full services through our Drive-Thru Lanes. (Again at Both Locations). This put us into Phase II of our Business Continuity/Disaster Recovery Plan and your Board of Directors authorized a special Skip-A-Payment Option while waiving the fee.

Screenshot_20200226-103821_OcalaCCU App - Updated to 4.0 Screenshot_20200226-150756_OcalaCCU Screenshot_20200226-151358_OcalaCCU
In February 2020 OCCU updated its OcalaCCU App to version 4.0 providing our members a more presentable look with easier access to our many features. Everything you can do in It’sMe247 can be done through our OcalaCCU App. (This project took just over 5 weeks to complete with the assistance of both CU*Answers & CU*South. Prior version 3.6.10 can be found below in July 2019.) Also, a BIG THANK YOU goes out to the staff and vendors that helped with testing this new release before it went live.

In February 2020 OCCU replaced its GWEEP hardware with latest Dell OptiPlex 3070 Micro and Windows 10 software as old Dell OptiPlex 3020 Micro hardware began giving us trouble. Thanks to CU*Answers for working with us to get this ordered and installed properly.

New 70 TV in Board Room
In February 2020, OCCU replaced the smaller/older LG 42″ TV with a new Visio 70″ TV to accommodate the reading of the reports on screen during meetings. OCCU saved money with this purchase as it was a perfect OPEN BOX Discounted @ Super Wal-Mart in the Shores.

In January 2020, SHAZAM enhanced it’s reports to segregate ATM surcharges to enhance balancing on our end. (This project took just over 6yrs to complete).

Cash Back @ USPS
In December 2019, OCCU added USPS to it’s “FIND AN ATM & CASH BACK” Menu as OCCU Members can now receive up to $50.00 CASH BACK when making a purchase at USPS Surcharge FREE.

New Drive Thru Hours effective Dec 6th
In December 2019, OCCU began its new Drive Thru Hours as advertised in windows as far back as October, 2019. The only change is on Friday Nights. We changed from closing at 6:pm to now 5:pm to align with all business days of the week. This is for the safety & security of both our members and staff as it is dark at 6:pm ET. OCCU Members have access to our Smart ATM for Depositing their Checks or Cash 24/7 located in our Main Office Drive Thru. Yes, members can receive a copy of their checks on their ATM receipt if they select this option at time of deposit.

vmware LogoCU*Answers
In November 2019, OCCU renewed our agreement w/VMware through CU*Answers for 3yrs as we locked in our rate and received a discounted rate at this same time. This is OCCU working behind the scenes to ensure we get the best available service for our members money. (VMware SnS, and VMware ESXi support and run our servers).

MasterCard Logo
In November 2019, OCCU Members are one of the first to activate their Mastercard® ID Theft Protection™ for their Credit Cards as this is replacing the EMV-3D Secured service previously provided by Mastercard. This is another FREE Service for OCCU Credit Card Members. More information can be found here…
Mastercard® ID Theft Protection™

10-28-2019 Lobby Walk-Up Stations
In October 2019, OCCU’s Board of Directors agreed with managements recommendation to remove the outdated, no longer supported, Windows 7-Pro computers, monitors, and printers to provide room for members to bring in their own smart devices and check books. Yes, members may still connect to our public and secured wi-fi to access their It’sMe247 online services using their own devices. Yes, our staff is still here to assist you with your online questions. OCCU is keeping up with the changing times we live in.

In October 2019, OCCU updated its website to include a new feature “CASH BACK” and placed links to those Surcharge FREE locations around Marion County for the convenience of our members. Members may now find these links under “FIND AN ATM & CASH BACK” on our website. In addition, OCCU worked with CU*Answers to have our APP updated to include such links within our OcalaCCU APP. (Yes, many other places within our Field of Membership offer CASH BACK, but with a Surcharge Fee aka “Convenience Fee”.)

ATM Updated to Windows10
In October 2019, OCCU, Absolute Financial Services, Inc, and SHAZAM worked together to update our Main Office Drive Thru ATM to Windows 10, AP version for added security. (This project took two months to complete.) Thanks Absolute Financial Services!

Premier Security Services Inc
In October 2019, Premier Securities Services Inc installed updated software for enhanced security. Vid-Center was updated to v6.0.6.28860 and Verex Director was updated from version to version (This improved both security & operational performance.)

Presto! ATM's
In October 2019, Presto! changed their website link to include more up-to-date ATM’s around the country. OCCU used this new link in our menu option “Find An ATM”, which links to the Publix Stores. In addition, we added this to Helpful Links in “It’sMe247” online banking, and updated link in our OCCU Mobile App under “More”, then “Assist”, then “FIND AN ATM”, Presto! ATM’s 24/7. (Yes, members have three locations/tools to find an ATM.)

Central Florida Phones & Internet
In October 2019, CFPI updated our 3CX Phone Server from old version 15.5 to current version 16.0. (Yes, this is an operations enhancement to the improvements made in May 2018.)

In October 2019, CU*Answers updated our Antivirus & Antispam from Symantec Endpoint Protection to Trend Micro Security Agent for better control protecting OCCU’s network and computers. (This project was scheduled to begin/complete after the computer hardware updates were completed last week as noted below.)

MainStreet Checks
In October 2019, Main Street will adjust quantities on Standard packages to 90 and Super packages to 150 effective October 1st, 2019. (This change in check quantities was done courtesy of Main Street.)

CU*South (OCCU's Core Processor)Compuflex Corp's Logo
In September, 2019, CU*South updated our computer hardware from old 2015 Windows 7-Pro to 2019 Windows 10-Pro w/SSD for faster performance. Updated old 2013 Office to new Office 365. In addition, Compuflex Corporation updated our “Branch Assist” TCR Software to latest version 1.53 for smoother performance on these older 2012 TCR’s. (In November 2019, OCCU utilized Secure On-Site Shredding to destroy these 17 old hard-drives.)

Ocala Fiber Network
In September, 2019, Ocala Fiber Network upgraded its hardware (Media Converter) here at OCCU to add to the security of our fiber network coming into this credit union.

09-24-2019 New pavement in front of OCCU09-24-2019 CW Roberts - New Pavement 09-24-2019 MID FLORIDA Paving & Seal Coating
In September, 2019, Ocala Fire Rescue & OCCU had their shared road paved as shown in above photo. Thanks goes out to C.W. Roberts & Mid Florida Paving & Seal Coating that worked together in completing this job in just two days from start to finish.

New Ocala PD Sign Ocala PD Authorization to remove Trespassers
In September, 2019, OCCU and Ocala PD agreed to new signage to further protect the members and employees of Ocala Community Credit Union. These are within Florida Statues as noted on signs. (Left: bottom sign on post, Right: close up sign on building) Thank you, Ocala PD & D2 Fabrication, Inc.!

CorporateAmerica CU
In August, 2019, OCCU and CorporateAmerica Credit Union worked together to obtain a better Armored Car Service. (This project took 6 months to complete.)

Screenshot_SHAZAM BOLT$ App - Manage Travel Notices
In August, 2019, SHAZAM Bolt$ App was updated to version 5.5, to include “Manage Travel Notices” so OCCU members can save time & money by using this app to set their future travel dates so their OCCU Debit Card will work to their travel destinations. No longer does a member have to call in or come in to inform us of their up coming travel. This control is now in the hands of our members. (See screenshot above) Please update this SHAZAM Bolt$ App in your Apple or Play Stores. In addition, App to include biometrics so our members have options to use Facial Recognition, Fingerprint, or Retinal Scan.

OCCU's Marion Oaks Branch-Street Sign OCCU's new hanging sign @ Marion Oaks Branch OCCU's new door sign w/hours @ Marion Oaks Branch
In August, 2019, OCCU’s Marion Oaks Branch added sign to Plaza Marquee to assist members and potential members in finding our newest location. In addition, we added a new hanging sign so folks shopping in this plaza can find OCCU, and added signage and larger hours on our doors and drive-thru. Thank you D2 Fabrications, Inc.

In July, 2019, OCCU outsourced it’s Debit Card Fraud to the SHAZAM Experts who handle our ATM & Debit Card Network. We’ve added the new phone number & email address to our Front Page of this website. This frees up our staff to assist members that come in or call in. (This project took three months to complete.)

Replaced Signage @ M.O.Replaced Signage @ M.O.2Replaced Signage @ M.O.3
In July, 2019, OCCU replaced three faded out signs on Main Office Building. This project took exactly (1) one year to complete. First sign company kept making promises, and never delivered, Second sign company was honest w/being 10 weeks out, then when they were down to 3 weeks out, they asked if we could find another company as they were slammed with both Duke Energy & the City of Ocala signs. Third Sign Company… We found D2 Fabrications out of Oxford, FL that were able to complete this task in a short 2-3 weeks from start to finish. Thank you D2 Fabrications, Inc.

07-2019 Card Activity Alert 07-2019 e-Statements in App.
In July, 2019, OCCU enhanced its OCCU App with two new features Surcharge FREE for our members. First, we added Card Activity Alert as seen above left. This allows our members to turn on or off their Card Activity with the “Manage My Cards” section of this app. Members can set any amount limit they wish to be alerted when the card is used for any reason. Second, we added eStatements so members can see their current e-Statement and previous e-Statements dating back over a year or more. See above right. Both of these features were already in our online banking, and now added to our OCCU Mobile App v3.6.10 (This project took just over a month to complete.)

Yealink Phone System
In July, 2019, OCCU replaced its outdated VOIP esi phone system with new VOIP Yealink phones (as shown above) at its main office. This is now in line with the new phone system that we installed in the Marion Oaks Branch back in October, 2018. This gives us capabilities to transfer phone calls between branches. In addition, we added our very first phone tree/menu, where members now have a choice to go directly to the credit union features/departments they wish to utilize/speak to.

Mobile Check Deposit - 3 Bus Day Hold
In June, 2019, OCCU added the 3-Business Day Hold Notification for our members using the Mobile App for Mobile Check Deposit. OCCU already had this “Any RDC Deposits may result in Check Holds.” Notification on this page of it’s website… https://www.ocalacommunitycu.com/mobile-deposit-app/

In June, 2019, OCCU added this QR Code on it’s website here… https://www.ocalacommunitycu.com/consumer-loans-2/ and on all Social Media outlets so our communities we serve can use this modern feature to apply for the loans.

05-21-2019 New LED Flood Lamp 05-17-2019 OCCU updated it's FLAG Light to LED Flood Light
In May, 2019, OCCU updated it’s older flood lamp for shining on Flag to a newer LED Flood Light to conserve energy and cost. Just in time for Memorial Day.

In May, 2019, Wawa opened it’s doors in Ocala, Florida. Wawa has PNC Bank ATM’s installed using the services of MasterCard, thus giving all OCCU Members Surcharge Free ATM’s when using their M/C Debit Cards. Wawa’s can be found and expanding in seven states with already opening over 100 locations in Florida alone. (This is in addition to all the ATM Terminals on OCCU’s Network, Presto! Network, and SHAZAM Network.)

In May, 2019, OCCU in cooperation with CU*South, CU*Answers, and eDoc Innovations, added a new/faster option for our members to sign/close consumer loans via electronic signatures. Members may now use mobile devices, tablets, pc’s, and/or laptops to receive and send these documents. (This project took just under 4 months to complete.)

OCCU's Mobile App
In April, 2019, OCCU in cooperation with CU*South, CU*Answers, & eDoc Innovations, updated it’s Mobile App to include the feature Instantly “Locking & Unlocking” one’s Debit Card. This new feature is FREE of charge to use for OCCU Members. Yes, this is similar to the “Transaction Control” we began offering to our members through the SHAZAM Bolt$ App back in October, 2015 below. (This project took 3 months to complete after a delayed start on our part last Fall.)

2019 OCCU Checks
In April, 2019, OCCU and Main Street worked together to enhance our basic checks to include OCCU’s color logo and background design. (This project took 3 months to complete.)

CU*SouthCorporateAmerica CU
In March, 2019, OCCU upgraded both it’s Check Scanner and Check Scanner PC to improve the quality and efficiency of scanning and transmitting these members checks to CorporateAmerica Credit Union. This was in cooperation of both CU*SOUTH and CorporateAmerica Credit Union.

03-2019 New Blue Plastic Covers03-2019 New Blue Plastic Covers
In March, 2019, OCCU installed new Blue Plastic Sleeves over our Steel/Concrete post as to preserve these post. These sleeves blend in with the OCCU color scheme within our logo. (These posts were originally installed in July, 2016 below.) In addition, OCCU repaired the fastened down mats at the end of the sidewalks for the safety of our members.

SunSolutions Insurance Agency06-12-2019 Marion Oaks Branch - Window Signs
06-12-2019 Marion Oaks Branch - Window Signs3
In February, 2019, OCCU welcomes its new tenant SunSolutions Insurance Agency, LLC to our Marion Oaks Branch. SunSolutions offers a wide variety of insurance products at compatible rates. See window signage in far right of this photo.

In February, 2019, OCCU worked with CU*South, and Equifax to enhance our Credit Reports so they include updated Military Lending Act “MLA” Active Duty Status for our Loan Officers. This is in addition to the Military Website our Loan Officers check to verify the status as well. (This project took 3 weeks to complete and OCCU is absorbing the additional cost to turn on this feature.)

12-2018 Fitbit & Garmin Pay

Click on above image for more information

In December, 2018, OCCU & SHAZAM worked together to enhance our various Tokenization Options for our members. OCCU now offers fitbit Pay, GARMIN Pay, & Microsoft Pay for its members to use FREE of Charge. (Implementation took approximately 2 months.)

* fitbit Pay
* Microsoft Pay

This is addition to the Tokenization we added in October, 2017 below.
* Apple Pay
* Google Pay
* Samsung Pay
* Netflix Recurring Pay

FIS SecureLock Intelligence
In December, 2018, OCCU & FIS worked together to enhance our Credit Card SecurLock program by increasing Fraud Protection for our members by upgrading to SecurLock Intelligence. “We are seeing FIS catch Fraud Faster & Notifying the Member or Blocking the Card if Member is not available” – Diane Guinn, Consumer & Mortgage Loan Officer. (Implementation took only 2-3 weeks. OCCU absorbed the associated expenses on behalf of our members.)

OCCU Building
In December, 2018, OCCU increased its NON-MEMBER ATM SURCHARGE FEE from $2.75 to $3.00 to cover the increasing expenses related to maintaining these machines. Members still enjoy FREE use of our (OCCU) ATM’s, Presto! ATM’s, and SHAZAM ATM’s.

ChexSystems Logo
In December, 2018, OCCU & FIS worked together to enhance our ChexSystems reports to improve accuracy for potential new members joining OCCU. This will allow OCCU to see more security alerts. This is BRAND NEW for FIS-ChexSystems in 2018. (Implementation took only 2 weeks.)

CU*SouthDebit Card Round Up
In November, 2018, OCCU turned on another feature of our Core Processor’s System referred to as “DEBIT CARD ROUND UP”. This will allow members to use their Debit Card shopping as a way to save money at the same time. This is FREE of charge to our members. (Click on above banner, then scroll down for more information.)

turbotax - canceled in Nov 2018
In November, 2018, after reviewing our members usage only 9 out of 2,750 in 2018 utilized TurboTax, thus management determined this was no longer worth our efforts to meet this programs requirements.

11-2018 Changed out Lights to LED - Brighter for Safety11-21-2018 OCCU's new lights
In November, 2018, OCCU replaced old ballast and lights in the tall parking lot lights to Bright White LED for the safety of our members and staff.

New Publix & Presto - Dunnellon FL
In October, 2018, Publix opened a new grocery store in Dunnellon with a 24/7 Presto! ATM, which is free of surcharge for our members.

Fraud Text Alert w SHAZAM
In October, 2018, OCCU’s ATM/Debit Card partner, SHAZAM, enhanced its FALCON Two-Way Communication to provide OCCU members with Text Fraud Alerts. (Click on above banner to read more.)

New Sign Up @ Marion Oaks Branch
In October, 2018, OCCU did a soft opening of our new Marion Oaks Branch. This is a full service branch with safe deposit boxes, drive thru lanes, ATM, and live staff to interact with. Yes, all lending services are available at this location – just call Vicky @ 352-470-0889.

09-2018 SHAZAM Bolt$
09-2018 SHAZAM Bolt$(2)
In September, 2018, OCCU’s ATM/Debit Card partner, SHAZAM, enhanced its SHAZAM BOLT$ App in the following ways…

* Refreshed registration pages provide a better user experience.
* A new menu gives the user an easy way to navigate throughout the app.
* New Colors and buttons offer a pleasing aesthetic.
* Updated text throughout the app is more consumer-friendly.
* Setting alerts and blocks is easier and there are fewer screens to navigate.
* The user will only need to update their password once a year.
* “Fastest Balance Inquiry in our industry” – Steven Nazaruk, OCCU President/CEO
(This is in addition to the enhancements made in August, 2018 below.)

In August, 2018, OCCU’s partner, CUNA MUTUAL GROUP, added HOME OWNERS, RENTERS, & CONDO INSURANCE to its TruStage Product Line. This gives our members more choices and opportunities to save money. For more information click on above TruStage image. (These are added products to what we initially offered in November, 2017 below.)

In August, 2018, OCCU in working with its Debit Card/ATM Vendor, SHAZAM, we tweaked the Falcon Program Rules to add more fraud protection for our members. (This is in addition to the changes made in April, 2017 below.)

08-31-2018 ATM w Corrected Surround
08-20-2018 New Smart ATM - Deposit Cash & Checks
On August 20, 2018, By request of our members OCCU brought online our new SMART ATM with the following features…
* Deposit Cash up to 50 bills at a time.
* Deposit Checks up to 50 checks at a time.
* Withdrawal either $20/bills or $10/bills, or both.
* Adjust screen to height of vehicle.
* Choose to have receipt print images of your checks deposited.
* Notice the Check’s Micro Line is removed from bottom image on receipt for added security.
* Notice Debit Card, and Account Numbers are truncated on receipt for added security.
* Enjoy new lighting.
This project took 7 months to complete in cooperation with CU*SOUTH, CU*ANSWERS, SHAZAM, Absolute Financial Services, Premier Security, Corporate America, & Other Contractors.

In August, 2018, OCCU completed the set up of reporting to TransUnion Credit Bureau as this is an addition to Equifax, and Experian Credit Bureaus we have already been reporting to. Yes, now OCCU is reporting to all three Bureaus on behalf of our members.

Night Drop Deposit Sign
In August, 2018, OCCU added a Deposit Sign on it’s Night Drop so members are aware on how their money will be credited.

Tobacco Free Florida
In August, 2018, OCCU became a Tobacco Free Grounds business. This is a positive step to show we support our members who have quit smoking or those that are trying to quit smoking for a healthier life style. (Click on above image to learn more.)

07-24-218 Good Bye Sprint
In July, 2018, OCCU’s Board agreed with management and approved canceling our partnership with SPRINT due to their requirement changes for 2018. (This comes after 6 years of being a loyal partner and meeting every quarter of marketing requirements and in most cases going above and beyond those requirements. See November, 2012 below)

eDOC Innovations
New OcalaCCU App
In July, 2018 in cooperation with CU*South, CU*Answers, & eDOC Innovations, OCCU launched its new Mobile App combining It’sMe247 Online Banking, and RDC – Mobile Check Deposit for a full feature experience for its members. This is an updated RDC – Mobile Check Deposit service that allows members to use both their older (1st generation) devices and newer (latest generation) devices. Members are asked to uninstall their current App, and then download and install this new replacement App in their Apple & Google Play Stores. This App will remain Free to download.) After wrapping up 10 months of designing, integrating, enhancing, testing, and much more, we believe you will enjoy the features you have been asking for…
Login In To View/Use:
* It’sMe247 Online Banking w/A2A
* BillPay w/P2P
* RDC – Mobile Check Deposit
* View Cleared Checks
* Text Banking
* Info Center
* Contact Us – Various Departments Directly
No Login Required To View/Use under “MORE” button bottom far right:
* OCCU’s Social Media – Facebook, twitter, YouTube, & Instagram
* Branch Information (Location-Hours-Contact Info)
* Apply for a Loan (Complete your application online)
* Settings (Authentication Options-General Settings)
* Access your MasterCard eZ Card-Credit Card
* Re-Order Checks
* Locations & Hours
* MyPic Studios – Add Photo To Your Debit Card
* A2A Information
* Kids/Teens Accounts
* Pension Plus Accounts
* Investments
* Tokenization
* Checking & Business Accounts
* Insurance Products
* Other Services
* Much, Much, More
This is our fourth time introducing RDC/Mobile Check Deposit as we continue to upgrade for our members.
* July, 2018 = OCCU/eDOC Innovations version 3.0.2 (Upgraded to new and improved vendor)
* October, 2017 = OCCU/Malauzai version 7.0 (Upgraded App versions for service improvements)
* December, 2013 = OCCU/Malauzai beta 3.0 (Upgraded to new and improved vendor)
* December, 2012 = Vantiv’s Jeannie App. (First Time Introduced to OCCU Members)

06-2018 ATM @ Citizen's Center finally has AC
In June, 2018, thanks to BRETT THOMAS of City of Ocala who installed the new A/C Unit for this ATM Room so we finally have air conditioning after years of concerns. (Original ATM install was April, 2013 as seen below.)

In June, 2018, OCCU wrapped up a two months upgrade to its Network Security by adding CISCO Umbrella to enhance our current SonicWall software on our Dell SecureWorks hardware. It took the cooperation of the above two companies; CU*South & CU*Answers to accomplish this task. (This is an enhancement to the many hardware and software improvements made over the past six years that have NOT been listed here below.)

On June 1, 2018 OCCU members have access to 3D-Secure-MasterCard Secure Code for our Credit Cards through our vendor FIS. This is additional security for our members that use their Credit Cards for online shopping. OCCU absorbed the cost associated with this enhanced security option available to our members. You can find the link listed on this OCCU webpage… https://www.ocalacommunitycu.com/mastercard/ (Yes, similar to what SHAZAM offered our members for Debit Cards back in October, 2017 below.)

Central Florida PHones & InternetCU*SouthCU*Answers
In May, 2018 OCCU wrapped up a two months upgrade to its Voice Over Internet Phone (VOIP) system by adding a new Firewall and configuring software to improve the security of this system. It took the cooperation of the above three companies, CFPI, CU*South, & CU*Answers to complete this tasks successfully. (Yes, this is an enhanced security measure to the improvements made one year ago – see below, May 2017)

In May, 2018 CU*Answers upgraded OCCU’s hosted WordPress website to include Premium WordFence for security enhancements at no additional cost to OCCU.

OCCU Trunctaes Mbr #s In April, 2018, OCCU listened to its members during Annual Membership Meeting and had our IT Specialist “Truncate” our member’s account numbers on their transaction receipts. Example above shows only one “X” as this member has a short account number. For our newer members with much longer account numbers, you will see more “X’s” in front of your last three digits.

Discontinued Visa Gift Cards
In February, 2018, the Board of Directors agreed with managements recommendation to discontinue selling Visa Gift Cards due to all the restrictions with these cards. In addition, members can send money instantly using their SHAZAM Bolt$ App at a lower cost of only $1.00.

ATM upgraded to EMV OPD - ATM w EMV
In February, 2018, Ocala Community Credit Union updated two ATM’s located within the City of Ocala. These ATM’s had their software and one of the two had added hardware to support EMV Chip Cards. (These are in addition to the ATM that was EMV enabled in November, 2016 below.) Yes, now all three of OCCU’s ATM’s are EMV Enabled. This project of enabling all three ATM’s took 1 year and 5 months to complete through our vendor, SHAZAM.

City of OcalaJack Henery & Associates IncMARS - the Merchant Account Retrieval System
In January, 2018, Ocala Community Credit Union members enjoyed the enhancement within our online BillPay through It’sMe247 where they can now pay their City of Ocala Utilities Bills electronically instead of paper checks through the mail. This project took 5 months to complete with cooperation of the above companies and the City of Ocala.

In January, 2018, Ocala Community Credit Union members enjoyed the many new enhancements to our SHAZAM Bolt$ App after they downloaded the update from their respected App Stores. New Enhancements include;
* Fingerprint access, a secure and faster way to log in.
* New Remember Me check box on the login page so users won’t have to type in their username every time they use SHAZAM BOLT$.
* Ability to view account balances without logging into the app thanks to the new Quick Balance feature.
* Find the ATM Locator both on the login screen and within the app for easier access to this great feature.
* Keep card expiration dates current. For SHAZAM Cardholders expiration dates will update automatically within SHAZAM Bolt$ upon the activation of a reissue card.
Note: This is the same SHAZAM Bolt$ App that was updated in September, 2016 below.

In November, 2017, Ocala Community Credit Union rolled out “TruStage” Insurance Products to its members. Although HOME Insurance is temporarily suspended in Florida, our members may still take advantage of the LIFE & AUTO Insurance products. TruStage is offered through our partnership with CUNA MUTUAL GROUP. (Note: HOME, RENTERS, & CONDO INSURANCE PRODUCTS ADDED IN AUGUST, 2018 ABOVE.)

In October, 2017, Due to popular demand, Ocala Community Credit Union began offering Bank Zipper Bags for our members either FREE if exchanging another financial institutions bag, or for purchase at $10.00 per bag.

In October, 2017, Ocala Community Credit Union wrapped up a 10 months RDC (aka Mobile Check Deposit) App upgrade from beta 3.0 to new 7.0 so this service will work on all newer devices. Members are asked to uninstall their current App, and then download and install this new replacement App in their Apple & Google Play Stores. This App will remain Free to download.) This is our third time introducing RDC/Mobile Check Deposit as we continue to upgrade for our members.
* October, 2017 = OCCU/Malauzai version 7.0 (Upgraded App versions for service improvements)
* December, 2013 = OCCU/Malauzai beta 3.0 (Upgraded to new and improved vendor)
* December, 2012 = Vantiv’s Jeannie App. (First Time Introduced to OCCU Members)

In October, 2017, Ocala Community Credit Union wrapped up a 9-10 months Debit Card Conversion with enhancements to provide OCCU Members with the following changes…
* Replace Visa Magnetic Strip Debit Card with MasterCard EMV Chip Debit Card. (More Secure for members)
* Replace Visa with MasterCard within SHAZAM MyPic Studios. (Continue to offer members Photo Choices on individual Debit Cards)
* Replace Visa with MasterCard within SHAZAM Bolt$ App. (Continue to offer members Alerts, Transaction Control, Balances, ATM Locations, & P2P-Instantly)
* Replace Verify Visa with 3D Secure-MasterCard Secure Code. (Continue to offer members secured online shopping experience when they register their M/C Debit Card)
* Add Tokenization within users smart phones & watches. (Apple Pay, Android Pay, Samsung Pay, Samsung Gear Pay, & Netflix Recurring Pay)
* Replace Visa “Instant Issue” with MasterCard “Instant Issue” Debit Cards.

In October, 2017, Ocala Community Credit Union members are enjoying a new variety of Collegiate Checks as Main Street made enhancements to these designs.

In September, 2017, Ocala Community Credit Union added additional lockboxes aka Safe Deposit Boxes based on members request.

In August, 2017, Ocala Community Credit Union renewed early and negotiated with Main Street to provide OCCU members with low cost check orders over the next five years (2018 – 2022).

In August, 2017, Ocala Community Credit Union added an additional eZCard link for our members who want to access their MasterCard Credit Card Accounts within It’sMe247. For those that do not want to sign into It’sMe247 online banking, you may continue to find quick access on our website here…https://www.ocalacommunitycu.com/mastercard/.

In July, 2017, Ocala Community Credit Union complied with a 2014 Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design “CPTED” recommendation to fence in around the generator, and complied with a 2016 Information Security Risk Assessment And Penetration Testing “ISRA” recommendation to secure external machinery.

In June, 2017, Ocala Community Credit Union wrapped up a 5-6 months Credit Report upgrade from Equifax Beacon 9.0 to FICO 9v. This will provide us with the most current and more accurate credit reports. This process involved collaboration between CU*Answers, CU*South, Zoot, & Equifax.

In June, 2017, Ocala Community Credit Union added a new “Self Service” option for our members who still use personal checks. Members may now go online to RE-ORDER their own checks. This new service can be found on our website under Product & Services drop down menu, then click on “Checking Accounts & Re-Order Checks”, -OR- found in our “It’sMe247” online banking, under Info Center, then click on Helpful Links and look for “Re-Order Checks”. No longer does a member have to come in or call in to Re-Order Checks.

In May, 2017, Ocala Community Credit Union wrapped up a triple conversion to a joint venture w/CFPI & Cox Business on TV, Telephones (VOIP), & Back-up Internet. This required an upgrade to our Telephone Server. (This was a cost saving move so we may keep expenses down and continue offering our members low loan rates, and high investment rates.)

American Income Life Insurance - Logo
In May, 2017, Ocala Community Credit Union discontinued providing American Income Life Insurance to its members due to members concerns.

In April, 2017, Ocala Community Credit Union upgraded its Falcon Real Time monitoring of Debit Card transactions to 100%. Since this was done at the end of the month, we’ll say this is effective May 1st, 2017. This provides more Fraud Protection for our members and OCCU is absorbing the additional cost. (This is in addition to the additional fraud protection added in September, 2014 below.)

In March, 2017, Ocala Community Credit Union turned on/activated a new feature in our e-Alerts. Members now have Text Messaging within e-Alerts in our online banking. We are rolling this out Free of Charge to our members.

In March, 2017, Ocala Community Credit Union worked with our Program Administrator, Allied Solutions, to upgrade our CL/CD Program from $40K Max, to $50K Max so our members will have more coverage on their collateral loans.

In February, 2017, Ocala Community Credit Union worked with our Program Administrator, Allied Solutions, to upgrade our GAP Program to a Refundable and 120 days delinquent product so our members will be able to enjoy our new “Skip-A-Pay” program in near future.

$100 Cash Reward - Sprint
In January, 2017, Sprint changed it’s rewards program from Monthly % Savings to Annual $ Savings. Click on above link for more information on this Sprint Rewards Program. (Note: This is a change/revision from the Rewards program we rolled out to members in November, 2012 below.)

In January, 2017, the FL-OFR and NCUA designated Ocala Community Credit Union as a Low-Income Credit Union. This will provide us with access to more services for our community.

In January, 2017, Ocala Community Credit Union wrapped up an IT Conversion that began in October, 2016. This IT Conversion included NEW Servers with more space and much faster service. Maintenance & Monitoring Support by both CU*Answers & CU*South. In addition, we updated our email service. This replaced our local IT service provider from January, 2016 below.

In December, 2016, Ocala Community Credit Union changed Mortgage Partners to obtain quality service for our members and staff. QRL Financial Services offers Conventional, Jumbo, FHA, VA, HARP 2.0, Primary, 2nd Homes, or investment properties, with low down payments. This replaces our partner from March, 2014 below.

In November, 2016, Ocala Community Credit Union upgraded it’s Drive-Thru NCR ATM to handle EMV Chip Cards.

In November, 2016, Ocala Community Credit Union upgraded it’s Cash Advance Processing Machine to allow our members to either swipe, insert, or tap their MasterCards.

In October, 2016, Ocala Community Credit Union began issuing new EMV Chip Cards (Credit Cards) to members as their cards expire.

In September, 2016, Ocala Community Credit Union introduced another P2P option for our members. Now, members can send money to anyone, anywhere, using their SHAZAM Bolt$ App. This service is instant and there is only a $1.00 per transaction charge. This is not to be confused with our P2P service in our Online BillPay as introduced below in June, 2015.

08-2016 Visa Debit Card
In August 2016 Ocala Community Credit Union enhanced its Debit Card Activation to streamline the process for our members. No longer does a member have to call into the credit union for a reference number to change the pin number for their Visa Debit card. Now, when they call to activate their card they can choose their own pin number at the same time 24/7.

07-18-2016 4 New Steel & Concrete Post
In July, 2016, Ocala Community Credit Union installed new Steel Concrete Post in front of office for the protection of our employees from autos jumping the concrete parking barriers and running into the building.

It'sMe247 Online Banking Community Logo
In June, 2016, Ocala Community Credit Union enhanced its online Membership Application Process (MAP) to be more efficient and user friendly to those wanting to join OCCU.

A2A Transdfers
In May, 2016, Ocala Community Credit Union added A2A Transfer service for our members for a small $2.00 per transaction fee or FREE if the money coming in is going towards a loan payment.

In January, 2016, Ocala Community Credit Union wrapped up an IT Conversion from one local company to another to increase IT Security, receive more efficient service, and added a NAS to store our old data. This replaced the local IT Service Provider from April, 2015 below.

11-19-2015 my_virtual_strongbox

In November, 2015, Ocala Community Credit Union upgraded its E-Safe service to “My Virtual Strongbox” so members can now upload their personal documents, financials, photos, and receive e-receipts, and send/receive e-docs and e-loans. This upgraded service to our membership continues to be Free of Charge for limited storage space. Members have the option to purchase additional space without having to call or come into the credit union.

11-11-2015 Credit Score - Online Banking
In November, 2015, Ocala Community Credit Union introduced “Credit Score” in private online banking if the member applied for a loan product within the last 100 days. In addition, if a member applied for multiple loans over a 12 month period, a button will appear for the member to see “Previous Credit Scores”. This new service to our membership is Free of Charge.

11-01-2015 ProductsCardsMyPic
In November, 2015, Ocala Community Credit Union introduced “myPic Studios” where members can pay a $15.00 fee and get their personalized, or stock photos, printed on their Visa Debit Cards. (Note: Stock photos include, but are not limited to, Zombie photos)


In October, 2015, Ocala Community Credit Union upgraded its SHAZAM Bolt$ App service to include “Transaction Control” where our members can instantly block and unblock their Visa Debit Cards. This upgraded service to our membership is Free of Charge.

In June, 2015, Ocala Community Credit Union upgraded and consolidated its forms provider to CONMARSystems. This allowing for integration into our new Core Processing System, electronic signatures, and faster service to our new and existing members.

In June, 2015, Ocala Community Credit Union upgraded its checks provider to Main Street to offer our members more selection at lower prices.

p2p - Free of Charge

In June, 2015, Ocala Community Credit Union upgraded its online BillPay to included many new features and one of them is p2p. This upgrade to our membership is Free of Charge.

In June, 2015, Ocala Community Credit Union upgraded its telephone teller to “CUTalk” providing our members with a toll free number to call in. In addition, we have your choice of English or Spanish to choose from. This upgraded service to our membership is Free of Charge.

occuitsmeIn June, 2015, Ocala Community Credit Union upgraded its online banking service to “ItsMe247” providing many more user friendly services to our members Free of Charge.

CU South Logo
In June, 2015, Ocala Community Credit Union converted over to an upgraded core processing system, CU*South, this gives both the employees and members many new benefits. This came with many of the features listed above and an improved online loan application, with new online membership application.

05-2015 SHAZAM Istant Issuance Debit Cards
In May, 2015, Ocala Community Credit Union introduced “Instant Visa Debit Cards” so our members whom had their cards compromised no longer have to wait the 7-10 business days for a replacement. This new service is being rolled out to our membership as Free of Charge. (These were updated to M/C in October, 2017 above)

In April, 2015, Ocala Community Credit Union wrapped up a 4 month process of replacing all of its Dell WindowsXP computers with new Dell Windows 7 computers with the assistance of its local IT Service Provider, Technology Concepts.

03-03-2015 New Handicap Parking Space
In March, 2015, Ocala Community Credit Union adds another Handicap Parking Space on the request of its members.

In September, 2014, OCCU enhanced its security on Debit Cards to block the usage of using Signature Only at Gas Pumps/Stations, thus requiring our members to use their PIN number. In addition, OCCU blocked two countries currently high in fraud… China & Turkey.

In September, 2014, Ocala Community Credit Union added e-Statement Notification Messages for the benefit of our members.

In July, 2014, Ocala Community Credit Union added a Login Image and Sophisticated Challenge Questions to further enhance the security of our member’s online banking.

In April, 2014, Ocala Community Credit Union added Stronger Password Technology to enhance the security of our member’s online banking.

Capital Mortgage Funding-Fairway
In March, 2014, Ocala Community Credit Union partnered with Capital Mortgage Funding to enhance our mortgage product line. •Mortgages for purchases or refinancing, •Conventional, Jumbo and FHA, VA, 203K and USDA/RD, •Special first time homebuyer programs, •Programs for self employed and commissioned members, •Second homes and rental properties. (In December, 2016 we changed partners to upgrade this service – see above.)

In February, 2014, Ocala Community Credit Union upgraded its online banking bill-pay service to OneClick. This upgraded service to our membership is Free of Charge.

ATM Awning added
In February, 2014, The community of Ocala is now enjoying a covered awning over the walk-up ATM at the City’s Citizens Center. This provides both shade and protection from the rain while using Ocala Community Credit Union’s 24hr ATM.

mobiledeposit 12-2013 Ocala CCU Deposit App
In December, 2013, Ocala Community Credit Union partnered with Malauzai through Corporate America to enhance this Mobile Check Deposit service with our own OCCU App. This is an upgrade to our service we rolled out in December, 2012 below. Remains Free of Charge to our members.

In November, 2013, Ocala Community Credit Union added an “Online Loan Application” to its long list of other services; Online Banking, Mobile Banking, Website Hosting/Wordpress, Check Images, and eStatements.

In October, 2013, Ocala Community Credit Union introduced SHAZAM Bolt$ App giving our members; account balances, ability to set their own e-alerts via text or email, and ability to search for ATM’s on their smartphones Free of Charge. (Yes, 3 years ahead of Visa’s requirement for financial institutions to make this available in October 2016.)

In October, 2013, Ocala Community Credit Union upgraded its Debit Card and ATM Services nationwide with SHAZAM’s network, and complimented this with the Presto! network’s 24hr ATM’s found in Publix Stores. These are all in addition to the OCCU’s 24hr ATM’s here in Ocala, FL. All Free of Charge.

In April, 2013, Ocala Community Credit Union upgraded its’ ATM at the City of Ocala’s Citizen’s Center with a brand new 24hr Walk-Up ATM. An awning was later added in February, 2014. This provides 24hr service to our entire community. These ATM’s remain Free of Charge for our members.

In March, 2013, Ocala Community Credit Union added a brand new ATM in the lobby of the Ocala Police Department where our community can access 24hrs a day. These ATM’s remain Free of Charge for our members.

American Income Life Insurance - Logo
In 2013, Ocala Community Credit Union began providing American Income Life Insurance for its members free of charge…
American Income Life “AIL” (AD&D for Members, Health Discounts for Members, & Safety Kids Days)
AD&D = $3,000 free for Members
Health Discounts =free for Employees
Safety Kits = free for Member’s children
We later discontinued offering this service in May, 2017 as stated above.

12-2012 Jeanie-mobile-check-deposit-App
In December, 2012, Ocala Community Credit Union introduced Remote Deposit Capture “RDC” as Mobile Check Deposit service to our membership Free of Charge through our partner Vantiv with the Jeanie Mobile Check Deposit App. (In December, 2013 we changed vendors to upgrade this service – see above.)

sprint-logo1Sprint Business
In November, 2012, Ocala Community Credit Union partnered with Sprint to offer its members 10% off their monthly Sprint bill, and our Business Members 15% off their monthly Sprint Bill.

In October, 2012, Ocala Community Credit Union became Bilingual to help support the Spanish Only Speaking communities in our field of membership.in