OCCU's Updated App
In August 2020, OcalaCCU App was updated to (Apple v4.0.130 and Android v3.7.6) with Biometrics. This enhances this app to be one of the most advanced apps within Marion County, FL within the credit union industry. See above photo for list of new features and keep in mind that OCCU Members can enroll in all 5 features and use each at any time. (Not limited to just picking one.) Free for our members!
* February 2020 = OCCU/eDoc Innovations version 3.7.3 (Upgraded App version for new look & features)
* July 2019 = OCCU/eDoc Innovations version 3.6.10 (Upgraded App version for service improvements)
* July 2018 = OCCU/eDOC Innovations version 3.0.2 (Upgraded to new and improved vendor)
* October 2017 = OCCU/Malauzai version 7.0 (Upgraded App version for service improvements)
* December 2013 = OCCU/Malauzai beta 3.0 (Upgraded to new and improved vendor)
* December 2012 = Vantiv’s Jeannie App. (First Time Introduced to OCCU Members)

In July 2020, Ocala Community Credit Union negotiated w/Coverall Cleaning to benefit both them and us during this COVID-19 Pandemic. (This cost saving measure will benefit our members at the same time keeping our facilities clean.)

In July 2020, Ocala Community Credit Union closed its lobbies again due to COVID-19 Pandemic with all three local hospitals gaining COVID-19 Patients. This decision is for the safety of both our members and employees. All employees will continue to work so phones can get answered, members and potential members can make appointments for either Open New Accounts, Loan Closings, Access lockboxes (aka Safe Deposit Boxes), and/or Coin Machine Use.

CU*AnswersCU*South (OCCU's Core Processor)
In July 2020, Ocala Community Credit Union completed an IT-Network Conversion to include our website hosting as well. We moved from CU*Answers to CU*South as to support our CUSO/Core Processor. This conversion went smoothly.

In July 2020, Ocala Community Credit Union updated its Funds Availability to meet the new Reg CC requirements. This increase in funds available is beneficial to our members. The below notice can be found in our July Newsletter on our website.



During the month’s of May & June 2020, OCCU provided our members with the above web-banner to remind them to provide us with a ligitimate email address.

06-19-2020 Updated Phone Server
In June 2020, CFPI updated OCCU’s VOIP Server with both new SSD hard drive, and new Virtual Software. In addition, we moved this from our Marion Oaks Branch to our Main Office to improve on service. (This is another update to this server as last one was in October, 2019 as listed below.)

In June 2020, Ocala Community Credit Union offered all members who had a credit card in good standing to Skip-A-Payment during this COVID-19 Pandemic. We did Not charge any fee for this option. (This is in addition to other benefits offered since March as can be sseen below.)

Personalize Your Debit Card
In June 2020, SHAZAM updated it’s “myPic Studios” from Java to HTML5 so now our staff and members can once again order their own Photo/Image Debit Cards. Look for this ad in our OcalaCCU App. (This is an update to this service we began offering in November 2015 below).

06-2020 Re-Opening LobbiesDRIVE-THRU LANES OPEN - Click To Watch Video
In June 2020, OCCU re-opened our lobbies limiting to 4 members in lobby at any given time. Lobbies were closed on 03/19/2020 and Our Drive-Thru Lanes remained opening throughout COVID-19 Pandemic – Providing Full Service to our Members. (See March & April below for prior notifications related to COVID-19 Pandemic)

In May 2020, OCCU and its partner Allied Solutions worked together to lower our Credit Disability Insurance Cost for our members who choose this insurance product on their loans.

New LED tube lights
In May 2020, OCCU replaced some florescent bulbs with LED to provide better lighting inside the main office and these should provide a longer life span. In addition, these should reduce our electric bill, thus paying for themselves over time.

In May 2020, SHAZAM updated it’s SHAZAM BOLT$ App to brella with same features. The name was changed as part of the necessary evolution of the application and rebranding to remove SHAZAM’s name as to support all SHAZAM’S bank and credit union clients using this modern app.

APC logo
In April 2020, OCCU invested in a new SMT2200 APC Battery Backup for our IT Room at our main office. This replaced our old/outdated APC 2200 Battery Backup that was hard to find enough replacement batteries to keep it running.

Jack Henery & Associates IncCU*South (OCCU's Core Processor)CU*Answers
In April 2020, OCCU worked with the above vendors to update our BillPay/iPay service for our members. Members are finding this new look w/many additional features pleasing in their It’sMe247 online banking. (Too many new features to mention.)

04-13-2020 Stimulus Checks From U.S. Treasury
In April 2020, OCCU Members began receiving their Stimulus Checks from the U.S. Treasury, and we provided our members this guidance as a reminder of purpose of these Stimulus Checks during this COIVD-19 Pandemic.

covid-19 virus
In April 2020, Florida Governor DeSantis issued “Stay-At-Home” orders, which OCCU had planned for and placed staff on shifts with Full Pay and Benefits as they are “On-Call” on days scheduled off. (See more actions OCCU has taken on this Pandemic below in March)

SunSolutions Insurance Agency - Terminated Contract
In March 2020, OCCU honored SunSolutions Insurance Agency’s request to terminate Sub-Lease due to COVID-19 restricting access to Marion Oaks Branch lobby.

CU*AnswersCU*South (OCCU's Core Processor)
In March 2020, Ocala Community Credit Union worked with both CU*Answers & CU*South to turn on a new feature within the core database, CU*Base-Gold Edition. This allows our staff to now view cleared checks within the core system like our members can view already within It’sMe247 and OcalaCCU App. (A special thanks to Calhoun-Liberty CU for paying the initial set up fee to make this available to all joint CU*South/Corporate America clients.)

COVID-19 CoronavirusCOVID-19 Skip-A-Payment w Fees Waived
In March 2020, Ocala Community Credit Union put most projects on hold as we are dealing with the COVID-19 Coronavirus Pandemic. We implemented our Business Continuity/Disaster Recovery Plan with first announcing to our members how they can sign up for electronic services and gave them time to do so. In addition, we wiped down & sprayed all areas of Credit Union (Both Locations) to disinfect while we were still in Phase I of this plan. Approximately a week and a half later we began shutting down our lobbies and allowed full services through our Drive-Thru Lanes. (Again at Both Locations). This put us into Phase II of our Business Continuity/Disaster Recovery Plan and your Board of Directors authorized a special Skip-A-Payment Option while waiving the fee.

Screenshot_20200226-103821_OcalaCCU App - Updated to 4.0 Screenshot_20200226-150756_OcalaCCU Screenshot_20200226-151358_OcalaCCU
In February 2020 OCCU updated its OcalaCCU App to version 4.0 (v3.7.3) providing our members a more presentable look with easier access to our many features. Everything you can do in It’sMe247 can be done through our OcalaCCU App. (This project took just over 5 weeks to complete with the assistance of both CU*Answers & CU*South.) Also, a BIG THANK YOU goes out to the staff and vendors that helped with testing this new release before it went live.
* July, 2019 = OCCU/eDoc Innovations version 3.6.10 (Upgraded App version for service improvements)
* July, 2018 = OCCU/eDOC Innovations version 3.0.2 (Upgraded to new and improved vendor)
* October, 2017 = OCCU/Malauzai version 7.0 (Upgraded App version for service improvements)
* December, 2013 = OCCU/Malauzai beta 3.0 (Upgraded to new and improved vendor)
* December, 2012 = Vantiv’s Jeannie App. (First Time Introduced to OCCU Members)

In February 2020 OCCU replaced its GWEEP hardware with latest Dell OptiPlex 3070 Micro and Windows 10 software as old Dell OptiPlex 3020 Micro hardware began giving us trouble. Thanks to CU*Answers for working with us to get this ordered and installed properly.

New 70 TV in Board Room
In February 2020, OCCU replaced the smaller/older LG 42″ TV with a new Visio 70″ TV to accommodate the reading of the reports on screen during meetings. OCCU saved money with this purchase as it was a perfect OPEN BOX Discounted @ Super Wal-Mart in the Shores.

In January 2020, SHAZAM enhanced it’s reports to segregate ATM surcharges to enhance balancing on our end. (This project took just over 6yrs to complete).

Cash Back @ USPS
In December 2019, OCCU added USPS to it’s “FIND AN ATM & CASH BACK” Menu as OCCU Members can now receive up to $50.00 CASH BACK when making a purchase at USPS Surcharge FREE.

New Drive Thru Hours effective Dec 6th
In December 2019, OCCU began its new Drive Thru Hours as advertised in windows as far back as October, 2019. The only change is on Friday Nights. We changed from closing at 6:pm to now 5:pm to align with all business days of the week. This is for the safety & security of both our members and staff as it is dark at 6:pm ET. OCCU Members have access to our Smart ATM for Depositing their Checks or Cash 24/7 located in our Main Office Drive Thru. Yes, members can receive a copy of their checks on their ATM receipt if they select this option at time of deposit.

vmware LogoCU*Answers
In November 2019, OCCU renewed our agreement w/VMware through CU*Answers for 3yrs as we locked in our rate and

Effective Monday, July 20th Ocala Community Credit Union Branches are transitioning to appointments only. Branch Drive-Thru Lanes will remain open at this time. Call either location to make an appointment for; New Members, Loan Closings, Lockbox access and/or Coin Machine Use.