OCCU-Updates 2018

12-2018 Fitbit & Garmin Pay

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In December 2018, OCCU & SHAZAM worked together to enhance our various Tokenization Options for our members. OCCU now offers fitbit Pay, GARMIN Pay, & Microsoft Pay for its members to use FREE of Charge. (Implementation took approximately 2 months.)

* fitbit Pay
* Microsoft Pay

This is addition to the Tokenization we added in October 2017.
* Apple Pay
* Google Pay
* Samsung Pay
* Netflix Recurring Pay

FIS SecureLock Intelligence
In December 2018, OCCU & FIS worked together to enhance our Credit Card SecurLock program by increasing Fraud Protection for our members by upgrading to SecurLock Intelligence. “We are seeing FIS catch Fraud Faster & Notifying the Member or Blocking the Card if Member is not available” – Diane Guinn, Consumer & Mortgage Loan Officer. (Implementation took only 2-3 weeks. OCCU absorbed the associated expenses on behalf of our members.)

OCCU Building
In December 2018, OCCU increased its NON-MEMBER ATM SURCHARGE FEE from $2.75 to $3.00 to cover the increasing expenses related to maintaining these machines. Members still enjoy FREE use of our (OCCU) ATM’s, Presto! ATM’s, and SHAZAM ATM’s.

ChexSystems Logo
In December 2018, OCCU & FIS worked together to enhance our ChexSystems reports to improve accuracy for potential new members joining OCCU. This will allow OCCU to see more security alerts. This is BRAND NEW for FIS-ChexSystems in 2018. (Implementation took only 2 weeks.)

CU*SouthDebit Card Round Up
In November 2018, OCCU turned on another feature of our Core Processor’s System referred to as “DEBIT CARD ROUND UP”. This will allow members to use their Debit Card shopping as a way to save money at the same time. This is FREE of charge to our members. (Click on above banner, then scroll down for more information.)

turbotax - canceled in Nov 2018
In November 2018, after reviewing our members usage only 9 out of 2,750 in 2018 utilized TurboTax, thus management determined this was no longer worth our efforts to meet this programs requirements.

11-21-2018 OCCU's new lights
In November 2018, OCCU replaced old ballast and lights in the tall parking lot lights to Bright White LED for the safety of our members and staff.

New Publix & Presto - Dunnellon FL
In October 2018, Publix opened a new grocery store in Dunnellon with a 24/7 Presto! ATM, which is free of surcharge for our members.

Fraud Text Alert w SHAZAM
In October 2018, OCCU’s ATM/Debit Card partner, SHAZAM, enhanced its FALCON Two-Way Communication to provide OCCU members with Text Fraud Alerts. (Click on above banner to read more.)

New Sign Up @ Marion Oaks Branch
In October 2018, OCCU did a soft opening of our new Marion Oaks Branch. This is a full service branch with safe deposit boxes, drive thru lanes, ATM, and live staff to interact with. Yes, all lending services are available at this location – just call Vicky @ 352-470-0889.

09-2018 SHAZAM Bolt$
09-2018 SHAZAM Bolt$(2)
In September 2018, OCCU’s ATM/Debit Card partner, SHAZAM, enhanced its SHAZAM BOLT$ App in the following ways…

* Refreshed registration pages provide a better user experience.
* A new menu gives the user an easy way to navigate throughout the app.
* New Colors and buttons offer a pleasing aesthetic.
* Updated text throughout the app is more consumer-friendly.
* Setting alerts and blocks is easier and there are fewer screens to navigate.
* The user will only need to update their password once a year.
* “Fastest Balance Inquiry in our industry” – Steven Nazaruk, OCCU President/CEO
(This is in addition to the enhancements made in August, 2018 below.)

In August 2018, OCCU’s partner, CUNA MUTUAL GROUP, added HOME OWNERS, RENTERS, & CONDO INSURANCE to its TruStage Product Line. This gives our members more choices and opportunities to save money. For more information click on above TruStage image. (These are added products to what we initially offered in November, 2017 below.)

In August 2018, OCCU in working with its Debit Card/ATM Vendor, SHAZAM, we tweaked the Falcon Program Rules to add more fraud protection for our members. (This is in addition to the changes made in April 2017.)

ATM Updated to Windows10
On August 20 2018, By request of our members OCCU brought online our new SMART ATM with the following features…
* Deposit Cash up to 50 bills at a time.
* Deposit Checks up to 50 checks at a time.
* Withdrawal either $20/bills or $10/bills, or both.
* Adjust screen to height of vehicle.
* Choose to have receipt print images of your checks deposited.
* Notice the Check’s Micro Line is removed from bottom image on receipt for added security.
* Notice Debit Card, and Account Numbers are truncated on receipt for added security.
* Enjoy new lighting.
This project took 7 months to complete in cooperation with CU*SOUTH, CU*ANSWERS, SHAZAM, Absolute Financial Services, Premier Security, Corporate America, & Other Contractors.

In August 2018, OCCU completed the set up of reporting to TransUnion Credit Bureau as this is an addition to Equifax, and Experian Credit Bureaus we have already been reporting to. Yes, now OCCU is reporting to all three Bureaus on behalf of our members.

Night Drop Deposit Sign
In August 2018, OCCU added a Deposit Sign on it’s Night Drop so members are aware on how their money will be credited.

Tobacco Free Florida
In August 2018, OCCU became a Tobacco Free Grounds business. This is a positive step to show we support our members who have quit smoking or those that are trying to quit smoking for a healthier life style. (Click on above image to learn more.)

07-24-218 Good Bye Sprint
In July 2018, OCCU’s Board agreed with management and approved canceling our partnership with SPRINT due to their requirement changes for 2018. (This comes after 6 years of being a loyal partner and meeting every quarter of marketing requirements and in most cases going above and beyond those requirements. See November, 2012 below)

eDOC Innovations
New OcalaCCU App
In July 2018 in cooperation with CU*South, CU*Answers, & eDOC Innovations, OCCU launched its new Mobile App combining It’sMe247 Online Banking, and RDC – Mobile Check Deposit for a full feature experience for its members. This is an updated RDC – Mobile Check Deposit service that allows members to use both their older (1st generation) devices and newer (latest generation) devices. Members are asked to uninstall their current App, and then download and install this new replacement App in their Apple & Google Play Stores. This App will remain Free to download.) After wrapping up 10 months of designing, integrating, enhancing, testing, and much more, we believe you will enjoy the features you have been asking for…
Login In To View/Use:
* It’sMe247 Online Banking w/A2A
* BillPay w/P2P
* RDC – Mobile Check Deposit
* View Cleared Checks
* Text Banking
* Info Center
* Contact Us – Various Departments Directly
No Login Required To View/Use under “MORE” button bottom far right:
* OCCU’s Social Media – Facebook, twitter, YouTube, & Instagram
* Branch Information (Location-Hours-Contact Info)
* Apply for a Loan (Complete your application online)
* Settings (Authentication Options-General Settings)
* Access your MasterCard eZ Card-Credit Card
* Re-Order Checks
* Locations & Hours
* MyPic Studios – Add Photo To Your Debit Card
* A2A Information
* Kids/Teens Accounts
* Pension Plus Accounts
* Investments
* Tokenization
* Checking & Business Accounts
* Insurance Products
* Other Services
* Much, Much, More
This is our fourth time introducing RDC/Mobile Check Deposit as we continue to upgrade for our members.
* July 2018 = OCCU/eDOC Innovations version 3.0.2 (Upgraded to new and improved vendor)
* October, 2017 = OCCU/Malauzai version 7.0 (Upgraded App versions for service improvements)
* December, 2013 = OCCU/Malauzai beta 3.0 (Upgraded to new and improved vendor)
* December, 2012 = Vantiv’s Jeannie App. (First Time Introduced to OCCU Members)

06-2018 ATM @ Citizen's Center finally has AC
In June 2018, thanks to BRETT THOMAS of City of Ocala who installed the new A/C Unit for this ATM Room so we finally have air conditioning after years of concerns. (Original ATM install was April, 2013 as seen below.)

In June 2018, OCCU wrapped up a two months upgrade to its Network Security by adding CISCO Umbrella to enhance our current SonicWall software on our Dell SecureWorks hardware. It took the cooperation of the above two companies; CU*South & CU*Answers to accomplish this task. (This is an enhancement to the many hardware and software improvements made over the past six years that have NOT been listed here.)

On June 1 2018 OCCU members have access to 3D-Secure-MasterCard Secure Code for our Credit Cards through our vendor FIS. This is additional security for our members that use their Credit Cards for online shopping. OCCU absorbed the cost associated with this enhanced security option available to our members. You can find the link listed on this OCCU webpage… https://www.ocalacommunitycu.com/mastercard/ (Yes, similar to what SHAZAM offered our members for Debit Cards back in October, 2017 below.)

Central Florida PHones & InternetCU*SouthCU*Answers
In May 2018 OCCU wrapped up a two months upgrade to its Voice Over Internet Phone (VOIP) system by adding a new Firewall and configuring software to improve the security of this system. It took the cooperation of the above three companies, CFPI, CU*South, & CU*Answers to complete this tasks successfully. (Yes, this is an enhanced security measure to the improvements made one year ago – May 2017)

In May 2018 CU*Answers upgraded OCCU’s hosted WordPress website to include Premium WordFence for security enhancements at no additional cost to OCCU.

OCCU Trunctaes Mbr #s In April 2018, OCCU listened to its members during Annual Membership Meeting and had our IT Specialist “Truncate” our member’s account numbers on their transaction receipts. Example above shows only one “X” as this member has a short account number. For our newer members with much longer account numbers, you will see more “X’s” in front of your last three digits.

Discontinued Visa Gift Cards
In February 2018, the Board of Directors agreed with managements recommendation to discontinue selling Visa Gift Cards due to all the restrictions with these cards. In addition, members can send money instantly using their SHAZAM Bolt$ App at a lower cost of only $1.00.

ATM upgraded to EMV OPD - ATM w EMV
In February 2018, Ocala Community Credit Union updated two ATM’s located within the City of Ocala. These ATM’s had their software and one of the two had added hardware to support EMV Chip Cards. (These are in addition to the ATM that was EMV enabled in November, 2016 below.) Yes, now all three of OCCU’s ATM’s are EMV Enabled. This project of enabling all three ATM’s took 1 year and 5 months to complete through our vendor, SHAZAM.

City of OcalaJack Henery & Associates IncMARS - the Merchant Account Retrieval System
In January 2018, Ocala Community Credit Union members enjoyed the enhancement within our online BillPay through It’sMe247 where they can now pay their City of Ocala Utilities Bills electronically instead of paper checks through the mail. This project took 5 months to complete with cooperation of the above companies and the City of Ocala.

In January 2018, Ocala Community Credit Union members enjoyed the many new enhancements to our SHAZAM Bolt$ App after they downloaded the update from their respected App Stores. New Enhancements include;
* Fingerprint access, a secure and faster way to log in.
* New Remember Me check box on the login page so users won’t have to type in their username every time they use SHAZAM BOLT$.
* Ability to view account balances without logging into the app thanks to the new Quick Balance feature.
* Find the ATM Locator both on the login screen and within the app for easier access to this great feature.
* Keep card expiration dates current. For SHAZAM Cardholders expiration dates will update automatically within SHAZAM Bolt$ upon the activation of a reissue card.
Note: This is the same SHAZAM Bolt$ App that was updated in September, 2016 below.

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