Beard Irrigation Services
In January 2022, Beard Irrigation Services came onsite to prove to City of Ocala that it was their pipe that burst, not OCCU’s pipe. While they were on-site we asked them to replace one of our sprinkler heads. What a great company with honest employees. Thank you Beard! (Click on above logo to visit their website)

Central Florida PHones & Internet
In January 2022, CFPI completed upgrading OCCU’s VOIP Phone System from v.16 to v.18 – added security and extra features to OCCU.

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09-22-2021: Due to COVID-19 Pandemic & Staffing Issues, we are temporarily NOT accepting any new Mortgage Applications! ...............................11-22-2021: For Consumer Loans you MUST Apply Online Until Further Notice........... 12/27/2021 Lobbies Closed for Appointment ONLY till further notice. Drive-Thru Lanes are OPEN