11-08-2022 Subtropical Storm Nicole
11-07-2022 Subtropical Storm Nicole
In November 2022, Ocala Community Credit Union kept our members informed of the on-coming storm, Nicole, with the above banners on the front page of our website.

OCCU’s Updated Brochures – Outside
OCCU’s Updated Brochures – Inside
In November 2022, OCCU updated its brochures to reflex the new services we now offer and made some enhancements.

10-18-2022 New Triton Argo ATM
In October 2022, OCCU replaces older Nautilus Hyosung ATM with New American Made Triton Argo ATM and new surround at the City of Ocala Citizen’s Center. This provides our communities with a larger sun protected screen. In addition, this new model is equipped with Contactless (Tap) feature that will be turned on as soon as our ATM Service Provider, SHAZAM, is ready. – Update: SHAZAM has informed us this new “Contactless” feature will be turned on either 3rd or 4th Quarter 2023.

10-06-2022 OCCU's New Flag
In October 2022, OCCU finally replaces the worn/torn/ripped flag from Hurricane Ian as this new replacement flag cost us $185.00. (Usually, flags last 6mos on our flagpole, however this larger flag lasted 1yr as heavier quality.)

09-30-2022 Secureworks Security Advisory - OCCU is Safe!
End of September, Beginning of October 2022, OCCU had the above banner on the front page of our website informing member we have them protected here @ Ocala Community Credit Union.

09-27-2022 OCCU WILL BE CLOSING09-27-2022 HURRICANE IAN09-26-2022 Hurricane Ian - Monday09-23-2022 tropical-depression-9
09-23-2022 Storm System NINE
In September 2022, OCCU had the above banners on our website each day leading up to this Hurricane Ian keeping our members informed of our operations status. In addition, as you can see above, we reminded our members of their options to: Get Cash, Deposit Checks & Cash, Surcharge Free ATMs, Online Banking, Pay Bills, P2P, Transfer Money, A2A, OcalaCCU App, & Much More. Also, these banners were placed in various social media outlets. We also placed notification bar on top of website and placed closure banner in our Online Banking Platform. An e-Blast informing members of our emergency closure was also sent out.

CU South Logocutalk_logo-300x143
In September 2022, OCCU’s Core Provider, CU*South, enhanced it’s CU*Talk for more security for our members.

09-09-2022 Roam Electric - LED Bulbs
In September 2022, OCCU utilized our reliable local electrician (Roam Electric) to continue replacing burned out Canescent & Florescent Bulbs with new LED Bulbs. Yes, these LED bulbs cost more up front, but will save on our electric bill over time. (We had our electric bill down to around $700.00, then City of Ocala doubled their kilowatts cost 100%, thus bringing our bill back up to just under $1,200.00, thus reason to finish changing out these bulbs) – LED is Environmental Friendly and Economical. This is also how we’ve kept a positive bottom line compared to our peers. This is a continuation from December 2021.

ATM Updated to Windows1010-05-2021 Marion Oaks Smart ATM2
In September 2022, OCCU updated it’s Smart ATM’s with latest Drivers, Window Updates, & Etc. We invite everyone in our communities to come try the many different features these Smart ATM’s have to offer. So many features – you just have to try them all. – Thanks Absolute Financial Equipment! (L-R: Main Office, Marion Oaks)

08-25-2022 VRC - New Shred Box
In August 2022, OCCU’s vendor VRC “Vital Records Control” swapped out one of our old shred boxes that has been in our lobby since April 2012 with this new shred box at NO COST to Ocala Community Credit Union. (Old shred box had one of it’s hinges break off. – It lasted a decade!)

08-23-2022 eDoc Enhancements
In August 2022, OCCU had the above banner on the front page of our website informing our members of the new updates to eDoc that will benefit them and the credit union staff.

In August 2022, OCCU had the above banner on front page of website informing our members of new Stimulus Checks coming – this time from State of Florida.

CU South Logo
In July 2022, OCCU, through it’s core, switched from Zoot to Sync1 for pulling credit reports. This will allow us to have more support and enhancements going forward. This change to Sync1 has occurred at no cost to Ocala Community Credit Union.

RDC-IQ Faster Mobile Check Deposit
In July 2022, OCCU converted from normal RDC to RDC-IQ for faster Mobile Check Deposit. In addition to enhancing our service for our members, we also cut cost with this conversion. Here’s more info…
It’s here – RDC IQ! It’s the Smarter, ‘It’s Quick!’ RDC near-real-time Posting Service Solution that you have been waiting for! When your member posts a check via RDC, RDC IQ will have the money in you member’s account as quick as can be!

07-08-2022 Removal of old TCRs07-08-2022 Removal of old TCRs
In July 2022, OCCU had three TCR’s removed due to parts no longer available and completely expensed out. These were installed when building was built/opened in April, 2012. We quit using these approximately 2yrs ago when vendors could no longer find parts for them. (OLD NCR TCR’s)

07-13-2022 Early ACH Positing
In July 2022, OCCU implemented “Early ACH Posting Option” for our members. The Above banner is currently on the front page of our website in the month of July to keep our members and potential members informed.

FIS SecureLock Intelligence
In June 2022, OCCU’s Operations Supervisor figured out how to configure Microsoft Edge settings to allow us to continue using FIS products and services. (This is due to End of Life of IE Browser)

OCCU’s Updated Brochures – Outside
OCCU’s Updated Brochures – Inside
In June 2022, OCCU updated it’s brochures to reflex the new services we now offer and made some enhancements.

SHAZAM (Effective 05/22/2022)- When Using Your Debit Cards @ Fuel Pumps – Be Aware of Pre-Authorization Change from $125 to $175 due to higher gas prices. (Keep More Money Available In Your Checking Accts)
In June 2022, OCCU immediately placed the above notification on top of our website when we were informed in June of a change SHAZAM made in May 2022.

Ewarts & Associates LLC
In June 2022, OCCU worked with it’s Auditors, Ewarts & Associates LLC, to establish ASU 2016-02 “Leases” Topic 842 new “Lease Accounting” requirements.

CU South Logo
In June 2022, OCCU & CU*South worked together to patch Microsoft Edge to accept the Viewing of Check Images at Corporate America. (This was due to end of life of IE browser)

Atlassian Logo
Atlassian Confluence – OCCU’s Core, CU*South, confirms we are NOT affected by this vulnerability tracked as CVE-2022-26134
In June 2022, we placed the above notification on the top of our website to inform our members how OCCU is protecting their accounts from the above vulnerability that is affecting other businesses and/or government agencies.

CorporateAmerica CU
In May 2022, OCCU began running the newly required Current Expected Credit Losses (CECL) through Corporate America Credit Union. Corporate America has a partnership with NXTsoft, offering their CECL solution Omnilytics. We are running this along side our Allowance for Loan & Lease Losses (ALLL) this year to plan and prepare for effective converting over from ALLL to CECL January 01, 2023.

vmware Logo
VMware Environments- OCCU’s Core, CU*South, confirms we are NOT affected by vulnerabilities tracked as CVE-2022-22954, CVS-2022-22960, CVE-2022-22972, & CVE-2022-22973
In May 2022, we placed the above notification on the top of our website to inform our members how OCCU is protecting their accounts from the above vulnerabilities that are affecting other businesses and/or government agencies.

In May 2022, OCCU went LIVE on updated Mobile App in Apple v5.9.173, & Android v4.5.2 App Stores. Members were notified with above banner on front page of website and e-blast are going out as well. (Added Merchant Services, Debit/Credit Card Payment Option, & Enhanced Debit Card Features)
App History…
* November 2021 = OCCU/eDoc Innovations Apple v5.9.167, & Android v4.3.5 (Added Cancel Check Payments)
* October 2020 = OCCU/eDoc Innovations Apple v5.9.119 & Android v4.1 (Updated RDC Deposit Options)
* August 2020 = OCCU/eDoc Innovations version 3.7.6 (Upgraded with Biometrics)
* February 2020 = OCCU/eDoc Innovations version 3.7.3 (Upgraded for New Look & Features)
* July 2019 = OCCU/eDoc Innovations v3.6.10 (Upgraded for Service Improvements)
* July 2018 = OCCU/eDOC Innovations v3.0.2 (Upgraded to New and Improved Vendor-includes RDC)
* October 2017 = OCCU/Malauzai v7.0 (Upgraded for Service Improvements)
* December 2013 = OCCU/Malauzai beta 3.0 (Upgraded to New and Improved Vendor-includes RDC)
* December 2012 = Vantiv’s Jeannie App. (First App Introduced to OCCU Members-includes RDC)

In May 2022, OCCU cleaned up it’s website to avoid unnecessary clutter by removing our Virtual Branches and Cash Back locations as we now serve ALL OF MARION COUNTY, FL. We have the following available to our members;
* OcalaCCU App – Mobile Branch
* It’sMe247 – Online Branch
* CU*Talk – Telephone Branch
* 24/7 Smart ATM’s – Accepting Cash and/or Checks
* Two Physical Branches – Full Service

nline Credit Card Payments
In May 2022, OCCU began offering our members the option to pay their loans with either a Debit or Credit Card with our new Online Debit & Credit Card Payments Link. (Click on above banner to learn more)

04-29-2022 Merchant Services Now Available
In May 2022, OCCU began offering Merchant Services to it’s business members. This new partnership with BancCard allows OCCU to offer competitive Merchant Services to our communities within Marion County, FL.

04-18-2022 New HP Printer-Copier-Scanner-Fax
In April 2022, OCCU replaced its outdated/non-supported Kyocera Copier/Fax/Printer/Scanner with a brand new HP Copier/Fax/Printer/Scanner that is more cyber security secure. (Click on above image to visit DEX Imaging)

In April 2022, We had the above banner on the front page of our website letting our communities know that we are now serving ALL of Marion County, FL.

2022 OCCU's ATM's
In April 2022, OCCU worked with SHAZAM to update all of our ATM’s surcharge fee to $4.50/transaction. Note, this is only a surcharge for those that choose not to do their banking with us. OCCU Members continue to enjoy Surcharge Free ATM Networks locally and around the country. It’s OCCU Wherever You go!

Google Reviews 5-Stars
In March 2022, OCCU removed Google from front door, and front page of website as inline with our Credit Union industry. (At this time, we have the highest Star Rating of all credit unions operating within Marion County.)

OCCU’s Updated Brochures – Outside
OCCU’s Updated Brochures – Inside
In February 2022, OCCU updated it’s brochures to show our respect and honor to our OcalaPD. In additon, to show updated services.

MainStreet Checks
In February 2022, OCCU renewed our agreement with MainStreet Checks for another 5yrs, locking in a small increase to benefit the credit union for next four out of five years of this renewal agreement. Members will see our Ocala Community Credit Union Check Design not increase other than postage rate increases.

02-03-2022 #6 Drive-Thru Envelopes - B&W02-03-2022 #7 Drive Thru Envelopes - Color
In February 2022, OCCU took a cost saving measure and ordered replacement Drive-Thru envelopes from size #7 to size #6 and from Color to B&W. This order was a $600.00 savings. (We were blessed to get this order filled due to paper/supply shortages currently going on in the U.S.A.)

Sling TV
In January 2022, OCCU canceled its Sling TV Subscription of approximately $60/mo. as a cost saving measure. We enjoyed this service since 2017.

01-25-2022 Plaid Settlement
In January 2022, OCCU had the above banner on our front page of website keeping our members informed of dangerous apps and the lawsuit settlement out there.

Beard Irrigation Services
In January 2022, Beard Irrigation Services came onsite to prove to City of Ocala that it was their pipe that burst, not OCCU’s pipe. While they were on-site we asked them to replace one of our sprinkler heads. What a great company with honest employees. Thank you Beard! (Click on above logo to visit their website)

Central Florida PHones & Internet
In January 2022, CFPI completed upgrading OCCU’s VOIP Phone System from v.16 to v.18 – added security and extra features to OCCU.

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