Photo Gallery 2020


November 2020

Welcome Ocklawaha
The above banner was on the front page of our website in the month of November letting our communities know that we have expanded our FOM to include Ocklawaha.

OcalaCCU Mobile App - It's OCCU Wherever You Go!
The above banner was on the front page of our website in the month of November reminding our members of all the options/features of OcalaCCU App.

Swapped Out Zipper BagsOcala Community Credit Union Zipper BagOcklawaha Bridge Baptist ChurchSamaritan's Purse
In November 2020, OCCU’s President/CEO dropped off Swapped Out Bank Zipper Bags to Samaritan’s Purse as these will be shipped off to third world countries and used by children for school pencil bags. OCCU Members donated/swapped out their bank bags for our credit union bag for free. Thanks also goes out to Naomi & Judy, as pictured above, for their volunteer efforts at Ocklawaha Bridge Baptist Church.

Gemini Business located inside
In November 2020, OCCU’s President/CEO welcomed Gemini employees to join OCCU has they never heard of us and we are just a few miles down the same street. (Gemini is located inside Synergy Studios.) Click on above photo to view their Facebook page.

OCCU Congratulates OPD Chief Balken
In November 2020, OCCU’s Loan Officer Diane delivers a cake to congratulate our new OPD Chief Balken. (L-R: OCCU’s Loan Officer Diane, & OPD’s Taylor)

OCCU Donates to Feed the Hungry
In November 2020, OCCU donated to feed the Hungry. These food items were dropped off at First American Title Company on Hwy 40.

In November 2020, OCCU’s President/CEO welcomed BELAC HOMES to the SE side of Ocala. They have friendly staff. (Click on above photos to visit their beautiful website.)

Elizabeth & Kodiak Wedding
In November 2020, OCCU’s Operation Supervisor, Elizabeth married Marion County Board of County Commissioners IT System’s Administrator, Kodiak Olsen. We wish them a lifelong marriage of happiness.

11-17-2020 Taco'N Madre Mexican Rest.
In November 2020, OCCU’s President/CEO visited & welcomed Taco’N Madre staff to join our credit union. Food is authentic Mexican and service is fast and friendly. Keeping the economy moving during this COVID-19 Pandemic.

11-16-2020 Florida Health - Additional Location in Ocala
In November 2020, OCCU’s President/CEO welcomed Heart of Florida Health Center newest location in Ocala, FL. All employees are eligible to join and many of their patients are eligible as well. This is located at 2553 E. Silver Springs Blvd., Ocala, FL 34470 (What a beautiful way to repurpose a plaza with a beautiful remodel.)

11-13-2020 El Toreo
In November 2020, OCCU’s President/CEO showed his support for our Silver Springs community by having dinner at this beautiful restaurant during this COVID-19 Pandemic. Keeping our economy moving.

Tropical Storm Eta
Tropical Depression Eta
In November 2020, OCCU had the above banners on our front page of website informing our members we are watching this depression closely. This storm has changed course so many times and is now a Tropical Strom as we have placed a newer banner on the front page of our website. Tropical Storm Eta came through our area Thursday morning, 11-12-2020, and for the safety our of staff, we closed and re-opened at 12:noon as was on our notification bar at top of website.

11-05-2020 HydroLogic
In November 2020, OCCU’s President/CEO welcomed all employees of HYRDOLOGIC to join our credit union. This is a Plumbing Supply Business supporting our Community Plumbers. (In above photo, look to the left banner on the fence – Now Open!)

11-04-2020 Hilton Garden Inn - DownTown Ocala11-04-2020 Hilton Garden Inn - DownTown
In November 2020, OCCU’s President/CEO stopped in to welcome all employees/staff of our new Hilton Garden Inn – Downtown Ocala, FL. (This is a beautiful new Hilton Garden Inn with spacious areas on 2nd floor.)

October 2020

Part time employee Caitlin on Halloween
In October 2020, Part-Time employee, Caitlin, dressed up for Halloween as a Bank Robber that got caught.

10-30-2020 Transition Watersports - Ocklawaha
In October 2020, OCCU’s President/CEO welcomed “Transition Watersports” employees to join our credit union now that we have Ocklawaha within our field of membership. In addition, they were informed that OCCU does Boat Loans and we are here for them. (Click on above photo to visit their beautiful website)

Beard Equipment CompamyBeard Equipment Company
In October 2020, OCCU’s President/CEO visited Beard Equipment Company’s new location welcoming their employees to join our credit union.

10-30-2020 Chief Greg Graham - LED SignChief Greg Graham - RespectChief Greg Graham - BadgeChief Greg Graham - Provided by OPD
Today, October 30, 2020, is Chief Greg Graham’s funeral service. To show our respects, we are posting the above photos in honor to a man that served his community. In Honor of our Beloved Ocala Chief of Police, Greg Graham, we are posting this photo provided by OPD. Chief Graham served, in past, as a Director on Ocala Community Credit Union’s Board. He was instrumental in working with us to ensure we had an ATM within his Police Department Lobby for all of OCCU members to use Surcharge Free. We are keeping his family in our prayers during these difficult times for them.

10-24-2020 Dollar Tree in Dunnellon
In October 2020, OCCU’s President/CEO welcomed Dollar Tree to our Dunnellon community and informed them that all employees are eligible to join. (This location is so new, that they do not have outdoor power to the overhead signage on building yet.)

10-24-2020 BubbaQue's BBQ
In October 2020, OCCU’s President/CEO visited BubbaQue’s BBQ in our Dunnellon community to welcome the employees to join our credit union. BubbaQue’s BBQ restaurant has both in door & outdoor dinning available during this COVID-19 Pandemic keeping folks employed in this community.

10-22-2020 Next Level Barber Shop
In October 2020, OCCU’s President/CEO welcomed Next Level Barber Shop to the Marion Oaks Community. Next Level Barber Shop opened it’s doors in February 2020 during this COVID-19 Pandemic. Owner & Staff are friendly and maintain a clean environment.

10-21-2020 Bridal Shower-Elizabeth10-21-2020 Bridal Shower - Liz
In October 2020, OCCU threw a surprised Bridal Shower for Operations Supervisor Liz at our main office.

2020 Bike Fest - Daytona Beach
In October 2020, OCCU reminded our members that Bike-Fest in Daytona Beach was going to be held even during this COVID-19 Pandemic. (Above banner appeared on our home page during this special week)

10-15-2020 Pfeffer Farms - Jumps For Sale
In October 2020, OCCU’s President/CEO met with the kind owners of this business that sells Horse Jumps. See above photo for name and phone number of this beautiful farm.

It's International Credit Union Day
In October 2020, OCCU recognized International Credit Union Day during this continued COVID-19 Pandemic.

Jeremiah's Italian Ice - Ocala, FLJeremiah's Italian Ice
In October 2020, OCCU President/CEO Welcomes Jeremiah’s Italian Ice to Ocala, FL. This place has many flavors to choose from and the staff are friendly and helpful. Now serving… Italian Ice, Gelati, & Soft Ice Cream. (Yes, this is the old “Bruster’s Ice Cream” location on Hwy 40.)

10-06-2020 Fire Prevention Week
In October 2020, OCCU reminded our members of Fire Prevention Week with the above banner on our front page of this website.

Mental Health Awareness Week (Oct 4-10th)
In October 2020, OCCU recognized “Mental Health Awareness Week” as this is a very important health concern throughout our country.

In October 2020, OCCU kept our members informed of new shopping event with this above banner on our home page.

Olsen Law Firm PA - Lover Your Lawyer
In October 2020, OCCU President/CEO Welcomes Olsen Law Firm PA to join Ocala Community Credit Union. Stop in & Visit as they have a polite receptionist there to greet you. (Click on above photo to view Olsen Law Firm PA Website) – Love Your Lawyer, Love Your Results

10-07-2020 Formaggio Rest
In October 2020, OCCU President/CEO Welcomes FORMAGGIO Pizza & Italian Restaurant to their new location here in Ocala, FL. The food is FRESH & Delicious! (Click on above photo to visit their website for more information and location.)

Happy Teacher's Day!
In October 2020, OCCU wished our teachers a Happy & Safe National Teacher’s Day.
In October 2020, OCCU President/CEO Welcomes ChriopracticUSA to their new location in Ocala, FL. (Click on above photo to visit their website for more details)

September 2020

09-30-2020 Carter's Grand Opening
In September 2020, OCCU President/CEO Welcomes Carter’s to Ocala, Florida. (Staff were helpful, sales are great, and quality clothing are in stock.)

09-30-2020 E-One in Ocala FL
In September 2020, OCCU welcomed the employees of E-One here in Ocala, Florida to join our credit union. (Above photo of reception desk after receptionist, Sheila, turned the lights on.)

09-29-2020 National Coffee Day
In September 2020, OCCU notified it’s members of “National Coffee Day” and suggested a few locations for any special deals on this date. (Wawa was giving out any size coffee FREE to Award Members)

09-22-2020 KHOL'S 20% Coupon
In September 2020, OCCU handed out “Take an Extra 20% Off” KOHL’s Coupons to our members through the drive-thru lanes at both locations.

It's Hurricane Season - Stock Up!
In September 2020, OCCU removed the above banner from homepage as we are winding down Hurricane Season. This banner was up July – September 2020.

09-25-2020 Zaxby's Lobby Open
In September 2020, OCCU shows support to local Zaxby’s Restaurant as they re-opened their lobbies following CDC & FL Health Department mask & social distancing guidelines. This Zaxby’s Restaurant can be found in the Park View Commons Plaza area.

08-01-2019 Secure On-Site Shredding09-24-2020 VRC new wrap
In September 2020, Vital Records Control “VRC” had the Secure On-Site Shredding Truck wrapped to show the new company name. (Above left; Former Company “Secure On-Site Shredding”, Above right; New Company “Vital Records Control – VRC” – Same Truck!) Click on right photo to see VRC’s website.

Trinity-Catholic-Shadowed Logo
In September 2020, OCCU sponsored member, Andy, in the Trinity Catholic High School Band. (Click on above logo to visit their webpage.)

09-22-2020 New Family Dollar over 16k sq
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