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January 2022

01-12-2022 Forest High School Wrestling2 01-13-2022 Forest High School Wrestling - OCCU Sponsored 01-13-2022 Forest High School Wrestling - OCCU Sponsored1
In January 2022, OCCU is getting ready to rumble with sponsoring Forest High School Wrestling Boosters back in November 2021 and tonight, January 13, 2022, is Senior Night. (Member Tammy is Team Mom!)

01-07-2022 Bauer Financial 5-Star CU
In January 2022, OCCU would like to thank our members and staff for keeping us a 5-Star Credit Union all these years.

01-06-2022 Trulieve in Ocala
In January 2022, OCCU’s President/CEO dropped off brochures inviting Trulieve employees to join Ocala Community Credit Union.

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